She stop mine the DJ and come mine man Wah don’t claim kids self, mi see she a sneak out a house in a mt Vernon Kerry the ppl want to know is whose baby daddy is this




  1. Di topic have me weak….. Some baddy have to be the neighbor-hood watcher .. “She a tek good good baby madda man” me say me read it three time fi figure out who the man belongs to it too early …. Den a how yuh a watch di goings and “coming” so??you know my spidey senses a tell me say yuh a tek him to … Good morning everyone

  2. Kerry is just a low down sneaky whore. She left daine from back yard and now sleeping with this one. Nick Klean baby mother poochie and Kerry a under cover lesbian. Poochie need to stop mine nick and go fix har rotten teeth that bitch never smile on any pic because of har rotten teeth

  3. unu did a done her say she must left di dj now she left him unu still a bother di gal. low di girl alone man. badmind

  4. No man you sound like one hate a cause everything mi see u comment on like u don’t have a job and so what if them a lesbian u a move like u want them to f**k u @love am just say

  5. Boy sender yuh sound vex baddddd!!!! Is like a fi unno pussy she a use and a f**k to rasss sender yuh need a life Lowe the bloodclat gal alone and go sort out yuh sad life and sum a unno dutty gyal get unno facts right cause the girl Neva deh with nuh man from back yaad the amount a man unno give Kerry mi feel sorry fi her like Kerry a mad unno punk ass bitches unno sick mi nuh bloodclat that’s all dutty Bronx ppl do watch ppl life vex unno vex the boy nah hide Kerry!!!!! She deh with the DJ unno have a problem she lef him n find sum body better and unno still have problem…… Kerry tell them cum suck yuh……

    1. Low life like the cocky weh inna yuh mouth nasty bloodclaut bitch. Mi see Kerry ah sneak out a the people dem yard, bitch Kerry a longtime f**kist!!!!!!!!!! Ah nuh my fault har hole miserable ah nuh my fault man naw claim har, please miserable the ppl need to know and mi ah share the info caw she a tek ppl man

          1. yes ooooooooooooooooo but she know mi nayin a lie ooooooooooooooo and diva know a doe chubble people fi fun :hammer

  6. First of all…its almost lunch time, so obviously none of you, especially the unknown creature (Love), have absolutely nothing to do… OR perhaps you dnt live any where. maybe your hanging out on the corner where there is free wifi and with all the other problems and burdens on your head u jus decided to release it here….you definitely didnt wake up flawless so u had to pick on Kerisha which is understandable becuz any waste gal like you would have done the same.. big pussy gal get yuh facts straight before yuh bloodclaaat open yuh dog mouth n chat bout other people! go find a book read and gwaan bill up yuh lil petty vocabulary cuz u cant even spell much less comprehend wat im saying!!! Love???? Really…. she was once a whore and now she a Lesbian????? WTF U MEK IT SOUND LIKE YOU WAH F**K kERRY!!! but even if she did f**k woman im pretty sure she wouldnt look pon a dutty bloodclaaat floor claath likke u weh jus stay hating and continuously watch n chat! u deserve a spit inna yuh nasty face fi da comment deh! lil Germs bout yaah chat bout Kerisha! u have some nerve!!! come suck out Kerry wit 12 jumbo straw when she a see har blood!!! yuh stink nuh bloodclaat bout yaa try chat a bag a negative things bout Kerry!!!! You lil Nah bath gal!! yea You ma chat!!!!all A UNUH WEH A CHAT THIS AND THAT…. UNUH HAFFI SEEE KERRY N WISH HAR BLOODCLAAAT WELL CUZ HER LIFE A MAD UNUH AND HER APPEARANCE AGO GIVE UNUH A HEART ATTACK! SO WAT IF SHE USE TO DEH WIT DICK TOM AND HARRY!!! DEM NEVA MAKE HER NOR F**KING BREAK HER.. LIFE GOES ON,,,,, THE GIRL HAFFI MOVE ON… SHE NUH BRUK POCKET AND NEEDY LIKE SOME A UNUH HUNGRY BELLY BITCHES….. SHE TEK CARE A HER SELF AND SHE DAMN WELL TEK CARE A HER MAN!!! SOME A UNUH A CHAT BOUT SHE A MINE MAN.. THATS WHY MAN NUH STOP REV out UNUH SPEEDY F**K OUT BIG PUSSY PAH THE OLD SPRING MATTRESS AND PAAH FLOOR AND BATTERY UNUH LIKE A DOG… SENDER MI IGNORANT FI U CUZ U NEVA WRITE THE DESCRIPTION PROPERLY But u dunce nuh rass so mi caah expect betta! Bitches need fi tek a chill pill and sit dwn…. if yuh man a look her and she want him she go tek him simple! anuh her fault mek yuh man a knock dung har door!so stop chat shit!! even though unuh full a shit!!!!! Now let mi try my best to speak the dog language which ull understand more,even though in Jamaica its Called Jamaican Creole or PATIO! NOW…. low dwn, lesbian, whore, etc etc….. Are not even the right words to describe Kerisha! As u all now BRANDNEW is being attached to here name for several great reasons… none of which a dunce cabbage breath rass like u would or could understand… Now the sender sounds so desperate and miserable, i feel so sorry for it… Dearheart if u wanted attention frm Kerry all u had to do is say it… she nah hide, im sure u see her at almost every event in The bronx, Dnt accuse her of these impossible acts and then in ur heart u damn well and knw say u wah f**k wit Kerry to…. its okk to HATe on Her becuz she’s blessed and highly favoured! She goes to school…and still manage to lookk a million times better than u motha f**kers…. She’s a happy chick.. always smiling no matter wat! she makes her family and even you proud…. She’s chrome to the bone so u cant blame these men for wanting her… Silly of u to think blastin her on here will make her feel any lesser than her self… Good try but it didnt work…. shit happens…. but continue making her your main Priority.. and continue to make her Famous and Proud. She Loves you her faithful fans dearly….

    1. yuh neva did haffi write it agen enuh cuz mi nah guh read like wise de fuss wan unno mus practice get tuh the point inna few words or none man……..neva c sup’m suh long in a while not even cleaner,star or observer write suh long nuh mooe

      1. nuh red nuh deh bloodclaat yah suh,suh nuh cum stop wid mi,pusc mi sey mi nuh read it suh how it fii hurt mi ?!?!?!mi a tell de smaddy mek it shawt mi wuda read it but can u bloodclaat read..kmft

      2. ooooooooooooooooooooo mi tek back mi 7:38pm comment jus a c sey a diva yah tawk cuz mi dont even knw who name kerry,my bad HA!

  7. booo!!!!losers aso what if she dating this guy its non of our biznizz glad to see both she and him keeping it out the spot light i like it..

  8. she a mek sure unuh get the point!! since people often misunderstand pointss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unuh caah say unuh neva get it loud and clear ya so…

  9. That person with that long ass comment tho
    Sound more like a u an har deh .. Or Kerry is dat u speakin in a third person …
    Kerry is a undercover whore whose been exposed more than once
    Story lame … Wack .. Sad
    Y’all found a pretty nice filtered pic of this bitch tho cause god kno she nuh look suh
    She ugly face skin up an spotty spotty outa shape gyal



  11. Haffi comment don’t, you sound HURT, ah which tongue Kerry a tickle fi have you a defend she suh. My girl move with yuh story book nobody cares about Kerry stillladtyear like get the f**k out here

  12. Dis bwoy in flossing crew dem look bad all them have bad acne and dem each have 3 PICKNEY and don’t mind none

  13. first of all kerry was f**king diane from backyaad and his wife almost buss her ass at expressions. innu a run in like innu nuh know kerry file. Bitch you did a hype up pon Subrina inna club because u did a f**k her man . when innu wanna defend innu friend come with facts. she and yani berry was bench and batty but dem fall out because she know seh yani and diane did a talk and she go f**k diane. Kerry you f**k all of your friend dem man . Thats why stay bad danisha wanted to f**k u up because you a call her man a beg money and u and her was friends. Kerry you still a run down stink mouth tranic . nuttin bout kerry flawless. Bitch you walk and scandal all yuh friend dem. You walk and tell ppl how michelle f**k roger , how poochie have threesome with tina and how nick nuh stop beat poochie.How poochie live with her mother because she wukliss. You walk and tell ppl how TT and her madda deh pon welfare , and how she f**k precki, (michelle husband) , how TT f**k teka man , Teka wah do nails inna matrix , bitch you talk bout how TT bruk and everytime innu go out innu have to pay for her !!! Yuh friend wah think she cute did deh wid ricky247, and your own friend dem did a f**k him … Bass tranic tell ppl seh him nuh want yuh because you a f**k di whole bronx but u a mind him! Bitch you go tek up this one wah nuh claim him kids dem. Just have you as boo boo the motherf**king fool. Why innu even send this in ??? Di whole world know kerry brandnew a whore ! Nothing new nothing strange . this f**king boy is a nobody , he nuh too long come outta jail fi robbery , him work a walmart and dont claim him kids just like all his friends do.

  14. @talktruth u know the deal poochie,Kerry,flawless is no friend @all cause when Michelle go sleep with roger she was the one who tell nick#facts. Poochie in no position to talk cause nick same one chat her how she worthless and on welfare. Poochie dont even have green card she can never walk in Rifa shoes.

  15. Met God Know

    Ah di baby madda a badda Kerry lol

    Mi know of Kerry being nuffffff like salt n friends wid everybodyif she a undercover fckist a first news to me .. But cah put ntn past nun a dem
    When unu a chat bout ppl Weh a f**k pon each other example precki n Michelle anuh now ah from di first time dem acknowledge dem deh precki a fcuk pon har & she a dweet back to.. & the WHOLE BX KNOW tap tell lie pah Kerry dem deh tings a wa ppl know already! Precki a crosses wid his fckd up face

  16. Poochie go fix your rotten teeth and go find a man to sort you out nick can’t help. Every day you dress up when not focus on your daughter Kerry same one say how you don’t dress the child good cause she look like a old woman not even her hair you can get done and how your daughter stink my god Kerry u wicked. Poochie my advice stop giving nick your money and get your life and kids together. Nick only have you for a clown your just is freak that’s all suck hood Sade Gibbs

  17. kerry we all know its you write that in third person and you a send in ppl fi talk fi you !! stop it !!! Just like how you walk and beg man money and same way yuh madda walk and beg man money too.. Kerry ta bass tranic party inna kmc , how fast did you run when his wife and bicthes was outside waiting on you?? mi did have my phone ready fi record. Diane f**k yuh inna di low down dutty motel dem inna bronx because everybody know he is married. Kerry , in front of yani berry face you ask diane fi money , and you tell ppl how diane buy you one heap of clothes. Its one pants the man buy yuh and yuh nuh stop wear it . . Yuh use to f**k nasty suck pumpum curt , wah nuh stop f**k young gal, and when yuh look , him and bass tranic inna picture !!! Look here , if innu ago talk , better innu talk truth !!!! Kerry everyman your name get call up with , you f**ked them. You use to deh round a backyard faithfully ,then diane f**k you right inna him madda house!! Kerry, you walk and tell ppl how you babysit Michelle daughter when she wanna go f**k pon precki, and how yuh shame fi walk inna store with michelle because she nuh stop shoplift

  18. Suh then Michelle start clutch? Rass it look like she cah afford fi buy from d thief dem suh she just start teef to .. No sa! & all now precki cah wear nothing good I mean u a Fck roger & precki a f**k everybody but unu still Deh! Lol unu need fi left precki can still get d papers it’s not a healthy situation for Milan .. Michelle u know u shuddn a teef doe cuz fi all d Fck Weh u fren TASHAYHOTTOPIC tek from u husband she shoulda pay you cuz technically she ROB YUH! She drive out u car borrow u money doh give it back & on top of it Fck u man! She should be your personal thief/clutcher a u fi a send her out instead she tek u fi one idiot & Michelle a true nuh Mek Tashayhottopic tell u lie

  19. mi lost wah precki and him whoring gal haffi do wid dis?!?! ^^^^ ah nuh precki dat yuh nuh hear anonymous seh him inna flossing, mi know dem flosing boy deh a one a dem breed shavel and afta him breed shavel him nuh look pon har pickey, the other one wah have four pickney him an deh one ya a bredda and all now him nuh mine none ah him pickney, pink wall dont worry stay tune cause mi a post up bout dey flssing crew here

    1. Shavel how you feel fi a breed fi a next woman man again and you still live at home with your mother. Stop hide the belly.

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