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  1. I’m sure di girl weh name Charm was just joking. A what do dutty Robbas. Even if I ketch my jealous unda my man page, I naw embarrass myself like that. I would ask him off the air if I felt a comment was personal or suspect. Smh. Robbas Saks have sale this week…..shouldn’t you be prepping for your clutcher’s showdown. Go teef something an low the girl. Kmt. As for Daffy I know he’s talking about LaLa Posh. Him basically saying shape bad girls a dweet. Big up LaLa wid di frigg up body and the beautiful mind. Dwl

    1. she feels like she has to address everything to stay relevant she just look dumb. Everybody know seh di two a dem deh inna dem ugly ass relationship dem ugly and tuff like nobody nuh wa daffy unu check if charm is a man fi mi deh

  2. BUT WHY BOBETTE SO NUFF? she think commenting up on his page and forcing him into those ugly ass pictures that he wont cheat :nohope

  3. WHYYYYYYYYYY didn’t Charm_21 answer her the right way! Shmurda he still out ah road ah do him ting same way. YOU are NOT the holder of the beautiful mind……beautiful nothing for that matter ( Maury voice).

  4. Dwfllllllll @ puertoriquena and @ wicked, y’all are killing me. . I don’t know wha tek har, and when since she get so bad, u see what bleaching can do to ppl brain, cuz me know for a fact that she’s no bad gal, she can’t cuss nor fight, so I don’t know where all this tuff chat come from, suh mi jus ago blame it on the bleaching lol

  5. Hey RAW mout’ gal, that was a VERY GENERAL statement/quote, suh same like how yuh know seh it nuh guh fi Charm, I hope you know seh it nuh guh fi you neida!!! Mout’ raw lacka scald dog!

  6. She will always get bun because she is a ugly girl makeup can’t hide what she was born with smh what a shame she shame herself

  7. MET. U & your peoples have mi weak di marnin. Especially dat Wicked deh. Between the comments on this post and the 1 wid di bleach out stripper girl from P-More. Unu a give mi stiches to rass. Btw, Claffy deleted all the comments from Robert & the next chick on that post.

  8. LOL, Da gal Deh no easy, jah know, whey some man put up with fi clothes and name. She naw hide say a she a do the f**king. God bless yo Claffy

  9. Robbas,u r only good enough to cloths and feed him.stick to ur position,at the end of the day ur uneducated,n time a man wants an educated women, n have a clean back ground and can encourage her man to get to the same level she is on, ur path is dark and temporary, just like ur wack ass relationship,,girl bye, which ur thiefting richness bruk nuh rass. FOH NEVER SEEN A SET SHOPLIFTERS ACT SO RICH.past this on to apple, Kerry and the rest of ur crew. I hope u keep in mind all of u will be paying back society all wat u theift. So be careful how u hype.jah see it all its jus a matter of time. And then he’s gone to that beautiful person who he’s speaking about. Bye fool.

  10. Bobby he’s not talking to you, ur mind is wicked,Fi go a people store go thieft. All of u are misunderstood idiots, wen u where high end cloths, mek sure u have high end status, and its too late cus u already have a rapp sheet and will get longer.Retribution is nothing to play with, ur payment of pay back is so high just like those prices u like to show. Girl get ready for wat u having coming ur way.don’t Jolla Fi god Fi help u, cus u wasn’t thinking about it wen u dressing itself ur temporary man, and who every u have on ur books. Good luck boo

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