Good morning everyone.If this platform can handle JMG’s traffic today we will have to use it for around two weeks . I tried loading the site on my android which is around 7 inches and I was able to log on and comment although I had to scroll all the way down to navigate the site.. Please let me know if you have any more issues.
P.S the transparency will be a tad bit darker tomorrow

0 thoughts on “NEW LOOK

  1. metty do you, as long as I can log on & read I’m game. Good morning everyone it’s a beautiful summer day do something special today!!!

  2. Met me might haffi squint fi read through the transparency an me nah go lie me no like it but if a so a so as long as the tea still sweet di cup wah yuh put it in a no matta :2thumbup all if yuh start use morse code me still deh yah

  3. Perfect. On fone and was wondering how mi a load suh fast . only thing the read more for all stories. Can u put some more details before the read more link. Maybe a clear abstract of the story. It forces u to click, which is good, but…

  4. I agree with Judas. Llllloooooovvvvveeeee JMG new look:) its just the read more part I have an issue with for the stories.

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