Met good evening I know you must be tired of this story. But this is the truth now. Everyone of these girl that a fight over this man. News flash he is married his wife live overseas he travel every year and visit her. And she the same. She comes mostly in December for Christmas. So u girls here in Jamaica that a talk about wife shout the f&&k up and play your matey and side chick role good. Cause at the end of the day you all just a fill a gap.

And you girl that a post him picture every week in your IG to mek the wife see. News flash again she don’t use IG that is way he allow u to do that


14 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH HIM MARRIED -_-

  1. Like seriously ppl u all have some much time on ur hands to post this nigga pix all d time come now man one a nuh ting a d next unu low d youth man mek him live n breathe properly Yuh sey him married n him duh all these things n him still live n a cut n guh thru…. weh u a duh?!? Guh live likkle life to man n guh si if u can find a man married to unu.unu nuh si d more unu talk a d more d youth strive f***g idiot unu black ppl a born carb Inna barrel TPC smh

    1. like seriously? u is an idiot, crab inna barrel how? him have a business weh ppl a try fi get shut down, him have a career that these post on JMG a guh hurt? if him never live careless him wouldn’t be here. also, the sender cud be his wife of an associate of hers, and mek the mate dem know it’s all about she and she on her way fi krismuss. tell yuh fren that even if the wife nuh do IG no sidechick nuh supposed to a post him pon nuh social media, unless the wife a idiot to and nuh know how fi divorce.

  2. Lord one more a dem “di wife a mine him and if she divorce him him starve and haffi guh latch on pon another woman kin of man”

    The girl dem weh a post him up nuh hav nuh sense, cause di man hav u as wife, him actual wife and bout half dozen more wife! Ntn nuh deh dehsuh fi show off!

  3. So what part do you play in this sender? Amazing wife don’t know what he’s doing but you have a public record hmmm ok bitter wife you are lol

  4. Clearly him care zero about his marriage.Your message should be directed to him since you care so much.Obviously he giving things for people to talk.Sender let me get this right he loves his wife dearly and he not leaving her..gtfoh

  5. The man is not legally married to no woman. Maxine u mus stop it. Blingas is single. Stop lie you walk and hype on the people them a Waltham about this man. You sad baddddd.

  6. This man is not married I am close to him and his friends. Maxine you must stop it. U lie badddd. Blingas don’t want you. Stop tell people him married he is single as day. U walk and hype on the people them a Waltham when better then you.

  7. But blingaz BEEN married how long to him children dem mada..n him wife gal quick cause a suh him d du mi fren n naley kill d gal wid lick n run dun d gal pon rd inna before day a beat d gal coz r fone ring. Him mad yer..him is a madman can stay de

  8. Him never married to the baby mother. Them did live together. Ruxie woman a farin Ms Chin tell me say him and the baby mother live and because a gal Mek she leave him. And she must know cause Ruxie tell her. And him a talk to a girl name Mara that is her name on IG. But not so sure about her cause I don’t see her at any party with him. Well Maxine lie so don’t know what role she play. She watch him like guardsman. Ruxie woman tell me say him no want nobody cause the same way him do the baby mother is the same way him would do the others. Cause a the baby mother start him out. Mek him reach were him at and him Mek duty gal a road Mek she leave him. The end of the day he is not married and him no wife no one.

  9. Rassclaaat 😀 Look pon de “Blingaz” to…. :ngakak If I laugh I kin right ova ina Met place todeh :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  10. Lol just have a long time with Maxine on Facebook the girl say she a invite me to her baby shower lol. Some thing is on the way lol lol dwl . so who a wife lol

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