Letter to the Editor re: “Ishawna – Foota Hype bedroom drama trauma”
The Broadcasting Commission takes note of a letter to the Gleaner editor on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, entitled “Ishawna-Foota Hype bedroom drama trauma” in which the writer infers that the Broadcasting Commission is in collusion with CVM TV to air inappropriate content. He was referring to the programme “On Stage” which was aired in the evening of Monday September 22, 2014.
I wish to assure the writer and other concerned persons that the Broadcasting Commission was in correspondence with CVM TV immediately after the original broadcast of “Onstage” on Saturday September 20. However, unlike the writer who can take to the media and state how he feels about a broadcast, the Broadcasting Commission is a quasi-judicial body and must follow proper investigative and adjudicative procedures. In that regard, the Commission will be deliberating on the matter at its next meeting scheduled for September 29.
The writer also claims, obviously from an uninformed position, that the Broadcasting Commission is falling short in monitoring and enforcing broadcasting rules. The public is assured that no complaint to the Broadcasting Commission or matter which comes to our attention goes unattended. Reports on content standards and other investigations and findings are published periodically on our website, including those pertaining to CVM TV.
This is not to say we disagree with the general sentiment of the writer that content must always be carefully scheduled, especially prior to the 9pm watershed. We also want stronger enforcement powers. Hence, our recommendation to the government that financial sanctions of up to $250,000 be imposed for breach of content standards.
Cordel Green
Executive Director


  1. wait de…so because foota talk bout three some and seh him fear God dem a investgate onstage……..SO dem neva hear him wen him seh …LICK Ishawna regula ….mi tell yu about this so call domestic dispute ………………….phantomand met please to come here

      1. as u siso mi did a wanda how foota a talk so freely bout how scattal nyam weh di girl from him …cause him a seh and winifred nuh flinch ..

          1. A Joe Joncrow a pay off di Commission afta him guh dagga di gal and a call up foota name inna song. Heat a reach him rass now him a pay people fi fix him Sh!t.

          2. Please nuh talk so mek people wid sense hear…Joe would be the last one fi mek dem cite Winfred show…Someone wrote to the gleaner if u missed the article and missed that it was mentioned in mr green’s letter

  2. when is not one thing is the next!! what is not this,so foota hype skatta & ishawna a guh mek Winford a guh under investigation!!

  3. a long time him a try fight dancehall music,,him a di same one weh fight againts Ragga and as mi seh Ragga loss him,,suh him a look a come back,,yuh nuh see di tings dem weh on di news,,him a look a buss back

  4. They nneed to worry about the batty man dem that’s taking over the country.dem a try nail him to the cross that crosses gal. Next time you put him up met please put him on a pic by himself all dem gal ya just a get mi cross. Fotta don’t go back Ja baby meck me and you get married start life fresh dem too jealous of you down there . love you baby bear

  5. Real: di part weh him should a look pan is when Winifred asked foota if him beat har and di man seh yes, yuh know how man stay some times and Winfred never check him pan dat,,

  6. She bloodclat beat him to so what a lick fi lick . him get abuse to.who is she ?studio one stop him on interview and said oh you can’t say that on TV suh a nuh his fault the man ask a question and he answer .scatta is a kitchen dread

    1. Yow foota mi naw lie yuh live ova yah… met look like she haffi go gi you a job cause yuh wuss dan a gal… get up and gwan go eat something papa poor yuh tek a bathroom break and while yuh at it wash between the toes

    1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. a weh some a di woman dem deh pan,,woman nuh of strenth like a man,,mi juss a shake mi head and a realize seh some woman dunce,,dollars over beaten,a suh most a yuh careless woman tink a jamaica

    1. well I would tek a one box (inna di ring) from Floyd fi $1,000,000. hell I would do it fi $100,000. ok $10,000…lol

  8. so dem no care that foota admit to beating shawna…all dem care about is that him mention oral sex and threesomes before 10pm lol

      1. How ah woman can mek man lick dem and don’t turn roun and trample that asss; when most people get upset they find strength they never knew they had…lick fe rhatid lick mi seh and my lick ago be hotta just because mi ah ooman ah yuh not suppose tuh lick mi…in front ah mi child tuh??…yea, you got a serious problem right there..

    1. U nah go investigate the station because the man say him beat him woman. But the broadcasting commission will investigate if the content of the interview was inappropriate for tv. I watched it and wondered about that. What was he promoting? Did he jus come on tv to disgrace her etc.,,, they should be investigated, a standard should be set for tv.,,,not everybody enjoys or cares to hear that kind of cesspool drama on tv

  9. Cordel Green has striked again.
    @ Tristan…I share the same sentiment.I couldn’t believe Winford let it slide, I thought he would say something to foota, because he said it with such pride. We all know how it is in jamaica when it comes to man putting their hands on woman, no one cares.

    1. honeybee: mi couldn’t beleave mi pretty eye dem seh Winfred never seh, {dat is not good thinking by Jamaican man}cause it a tell mi seh winfred a beat him woman are him man friend

      1. Triston if him did seh yes I beat her , Winfred would be under nuff obligation fi drape him on the show. He said yes we deh fi 9 years and we fight yes….There are people in the industry who did know ishawna stab him before so they will not be surprised if he says that. People been knowing dis about dem fi years. If he said yes he abused her then mi nuh think winford would ignore him

  10. mi nuh wish dis pan foota but dem probably try tek him work permit soon,him a pose up inna airport,mi surprise Cordel Green nuh try fight di pink wall,mi member a time him did a try regulate di internet and him get shut down with dat argument

    1. Triston no lol …Not even JCF have jurisdiction pan dis wall…They will jus fine the station and warn them for now, Foota will not be affected it not that serious


  12. Someone needs to investigate why Footah hand dem suh dry and crusty..look like im did a need flour and figet fi wash up..Wid all di grease immah carry innah im face, all im really need fi du is rub some a di oil offah im face and it would suffice…man hab money and name brand dis and dat,plus “swag” but can’t find not even a bath and body fi likkle moisturizer?

  13. But what a ediat set a ppl dem a Jamaica especially the governing body for the media houses. Den a mussi Winfred did phuck Ishawna or tun it from 3sum to freak fest 4sum. Mek dem gwey cos dem no have nutten fi do. Y u goin fine d man n him braodcasting forum for? when him bringing an uncensored and unbiased program to the public. Jamica parents kno better say dem fe send dem pickney go a bed at a certain time n enforce curfew. But a modern times we inna n u think u can stop d likkle leggo beast n force ripe pickney dem from hear bout Ishawna, Foota, and Scatta drama when social media is so easily accesible – guess how me watch Onstage n me deh a farin pon d internet so come fine me. Tell dem fe stop chat fawt. If them fine On Stage d govt need to investigate them for inefficent spending cause this is a complete waste of funds, time, and effort utter rubbish dem need fe go look wuk do nonsense!!!

  14. The man never care about no beating, the bedroom was wayyy more interesting, licking , 3sum , co-workers smh someone said it, investigate why jamaica so

  15. It does not matter if it is because he addressed the threesomes, oral sex, and Skatta or the fact that he abused her, both are not appropriate and personally I wouldn’t allow my children to watch it. How is what goes on in Ishawna and Foota Hype’s life going to help the children of Jamaica and the problems they face on a day to day basis. I’m tired of them both and the both of them need to handle their affairs privately and out of the public eye. It is ridiculous now

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