Boy these 2 chicks need to just kill each other and done because it’s been since 2015 them a war over Nico and all now it can’t done .

Rebecca on IG saying skay said she called immigration on her . Immigration pick up skay the other night but she was released and word on the street is that it was Rebecca who called cause she still mad … Rebecca you bragging about you make Nico not seeing Blake cause you chose to you spiteful mentally ill wicked witch regardless of what you and Nico is going through the world knows he is a good father your just mad because he doesn’t want to be with you so you purposely not making him bond with his son he needs to take your retarded ass to court . You bragging about your bills is over $5000 a month you don’t work nowhere Dave pays all the bills what are you bragging about you nutcase . I thought skay was crazy but you Rebecca your mentally insane you stalking them worried about them . You live in a condo in Times Square old man Dave paying all your bills , taking care of a kid that’s not his and you still miserable wowww your sick

She’s petty for not letting that man see his son tho. Just because you hate him doesn’t met you have to take that on him and his relationship with his son.

7 thoughts on “NICCO NUH WORTH ALL DIS

  1. This type of argument is always silly. Not one of these people are better than the other.

    To recap, shauna k lives in an apartment with her mother and otjer undocumented persons who have resided in the bronx for over 20 years. The whole family minus the young children are undocumented so immigration knocked on the door and picked up just the one person? How would she be able to identify who called ICE if such a thing even happened?

    Then this Nico fellow said Rebecca’s child wasn’t his and didn’t attend the shower so what sort of bonding is needed with a child he says isn’t his? Did he sign the child’s registration paper after he said Maury’s DNA test said he was not the father but now he Is a good father when he doesn’t even have a place to put any of the 3 sons that he fathered ?

    The , If Rebecca lives with a man in downtown Manhattan but moves every single year when the lease is up she’d be crazy to still care about someone who is sharing a full sized bed with their child and doing make up out of the same small bed room?

    Is there anymore to add to the story? Was QQ there to defend Rebecca and her son’s honor at Shaunakay’s building?

    Meanwhile, if you add all of them up which ones have a few dollars saved and an education to improve their children’s futures???

  2. I completely agree. If the man reaching out to you to see his son why spite him like that? You using his son to hurt him.shit like that always backfires. And who believes sugar daddy Dave pays her bills without getting fucked by her when he wants. She talking bout she dont fuck man for their money. Bish are you implying that Dave takes care of you and your son for nothing?

  3. I don’t know who Rebecca think she fooling. She have no job, the Little promoting pon IG can’t pay her bills. She fucking or threatening that man to pay her bills. All skay concerned about is designer clothes. She need to get her priorities in order.The two of them just need to fight and done with it. Unno mek sure seh ah good camera man deh fi record Please! Since the stink crotches african girl so NUFF and always in people business, get her to record.

  4. From Rebecca Skay and Nico do threesome the feelings just a carry over for years . Tell the truth ladies you miss eating each other front that’s what the problem is lmaoooo nasty ass Bronx hoes . Rebecca your a liar talking about you don’t gotta sex man for money that’s how you met Dave you was selling your vagina since the age of 14 years old and you met Dave through selling your front at 16 and you been selling to other old men during your underage relationship with Dave . Your whole family is disgusting Rebecca they know about your nasty lifestyle but true your mother wanted you out her crib she make you take Dave at the age of 16 the cops should’ve been called . Skay your another one you bragging about all this designer shit and going out to eat every night and you still itch up in that crowded apartment with your mom sister and mad other people . Make the many men them you sleeping with put you up . You cheated on Nico with Kriss Paloff because you thought he had money and because when you and Rebecca were threesome buddies she told you his dick was big that was a lie lmaooo Kriss ain’t give you shit but dry dick and sent you back home to Nico . Y’all bitches is

  5. So why dont he take her to court.. kmt. These niggas kno once court get involved u gotta pay child support. Wasn’t he NOT claiming the kid at a point.
    Good dad lol.. u can tell skay buys aLL her son clothes and shoes.
    Becca bat shit crazy..

  6. If the man was denying the child, and was absent all alomg, I don’t blame her for keeping him away. Children need stability not a part time dad.

  7. We have to do somethiiiiiiiinnng ABOUT OUR WEAK ASS IMMIGRATION . There’s some hard working people in jamaica that deserve to be here and there’s some wukless ones who want to just worry bout looking good and Man . Kmft ! Why did ICE LET HER GO If she dont have her green card .

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