Hmid….regardin this Nickfoto work being missing. I do believe Kartel had something to do with it. Me and Nick were friends and before he went missing he told me that he had contact with kartel who is in prison and he would still do photoshoots for his people when instructed. 1 day he told me that he was gonna do a shoot for shorty who was at a party, i don’t quite remember if she was the one keeping the party but he said that he can’t let kartel know because shorty was instructed not to go to any parties and shorty always beg him not to post the photos whenever he took her party pics because if kartel ever find out it would be problem. This was the same time it was alleged that she was giving him Bun. Nick said he knew alot but he didn’t get too deep into it. So is either kartel find out he was hiding stuff behind his back or probably he was involved with shorty who knows bcaz he did have his way with the girls. Not saying this is the facts but it is worth looking into.

It is tight lipped because people are afraid of kartel. I am hoping that this Klansman trial reveal something though atleast the family will find closure.

I received a message from someone who heard from a witness at the time of his killing….These are allegations yet again…but the person wishes that it be looked into

The witness relayed that Nick was killed in Grants Pen under the invitation of the now deceased Don Waldy. It was said that Waldy contacted Nick and told him that he wanted him to take photos of a party…only that the party did not exist. Word from the witness was that Waldy was contracted by Nick’s cousin who had sent him money and Nick had use the money to buy a car. Nick and his cousin went to the ”party ” to take pictures where Waldy and his hench men were waiting.. The triggerman Im told , killed the cousin first , which startled Nick and then Nick was killed and his body wrapped in blue tarpaulin. It was said that the police did get a lead to dig up a field where they were told that the body was but they did not find it there.


  1. Kartel is a Very wicked person. His ego is bigger than him! I can’t believe I used to say free world boss because I truly believed he was innocent. He is mixed up in everything that’s bad smh.

  2. so many people that worship kartel., does not know how many people that boy kill , I believe he is involved , because he does not like people to be disloyal to him , he will rot in prison or a evil sickness will take him , that boy is a demon , Shawn storm can not open his mouth about anything , because it’s alleged
    kartel threat to kill his family in Waterford. That boy kill Jennifer son , John Wayne nephew and he was close to rayon and Craig, but because the boy never burn down black rayon house , him send call the youth and tell Shawn to kill him . Kartel evil .

  3. This is so sad. The other day I visited Jamaica about 2weeks ago I was in Mandeville town and I saw someone who looked exactly like nick and I was like aint that nick?? Then like the next day it started circulating on the internet where they did a documentary on his disappearance. Praying the family will get the closure that they deserve.

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