I saw a video of her ”same-sex” performance at the VMA’s and was appalled , I glimpsed her butt and thought maybe a mi eye…well see it yere…Every one a di battam dem a rotten bit by bit


  1. I was thinking the same, Maybe she went and did more butt injection just for the VMA’S with her fool fool song anaconda, SMH. Her bottom neva did so big the other day, She couldn’t even shake it, I see she hold on pon the bottom fi shake it. This is just SICK!

  2. Really guys??? Those are stockings with green vines to go with the green jungle theme… They all had the stockings on..

  3. Really guys? She had on stockings with vines on with, it goes with her green jungle theme. Green vines, plant vines.. The other girls had them on too

  4. met it look like she did a little extra pumping for the VMA’s because it never look so inna di video.. but then again they have video editors so mi nuh know. either way she fi follow di dancehall people dem and wear black tights all di while fi hide di poison to rass.. it look like the snake in the video bite har bottom

      1. I didn’t bother to watch it. Nowadays, I’m very selective about what I watch because once you’ve seen something you can’t unsee it… And certain tings me nuh want in a fi mi head… Lol

  5. Nicki batty nuh big like one time…she reduced it weh day fie ah more natural look… nicki have too much money fie do jook… if anything she did fat transfer…her ass wouldn’t jiggle iffa jook she dida do… come on ppl… stop try flop di gyal career….she look f**king good… unnuh need a good TV fie see details… she have on a stocking wid design pan it…. Yuh tink ah apple carisma opal or yankee michelle dis….its barbie bitch…. Lowe di good gyal… tru uunuh man ah drool ova har bottom…save up unnuh money and do it di right way and it won’t rotten off or look like muhammad ali punching bag when yuh done!

  6. It all look like the silicone a move from her ass and coming towards her front . She better keep that ish covered .

  7. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peppers nd others…
    It’s not stocking its body paint however her performance was terrible nd as for the malfunction i think that was planned or a she just neva waan zip dat shit up

  8. her batty still posion from she go inject it.. me did a get fi like amber rose but weh she wear a the Vma’s mind a tell me nooo

  9. wow, y”ll are crazy…That is body paint, dont you see that the design it like a snake skin???? HENCE THE SONG ANACONDA pay attention folk..

  10. People who are obssessed with celebrities and what dem do, is lacking something in dem own life. An occassional news pon d ‘star idiots’ dem , okay, but mi NAH make dem my life objective. I did not see d Vma awards, nor waste my beach time tryin to.
    Blazing a Cartel electronic herbal cigar and enjoying d waves was more exciting.
    Nikki have implants. F**k she. Amber Rose have implants. F**k she. Kim whoredashwayman have implants as well as tons more in Hollywood and inna yard who go Domincan republic fi inject , tuck, fix. And eat fowl food fi plump right inna yard.
    Once me nuh have implants is all i care about.
    Wonda why so much man obssessed with oman ass and not dem front ?

  11. Hardspot, mi hit yuh soft spot ? Woiiii.
    Sorry it look like u ah inject too.
    Love yuh same way. Oh !
    Show off??? No baby it is called raw truth and confidence.

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