1. Badmind wah kmttt.this is not the first time she did a dance class.what was the purpose of sending in this story #lameofcourse

  2. All I know this girl is stepping up visit r ig page and flyers like wat crazy booking, rise to the occasion look at yourself no one can stop u weh badminton a go

  3. @9:55 ..u sound ignorant , hateful , stupid and dunce u sound like u drop pon u head wen u born u sound jealous and badmind this is her first trip overseas soh her doings was hughlighted we all know that other did it also so please go an drink sum bleach

  4. Don’t know her but I prefer to look at her over sher.Her body looks natural she seems humble.That Sher chick has too much hype for no reason not to mention that ass fake batty that make her look deformed .Looks like 2 muffins sitting on her damn back.The batty can’t even move no matter how she try.You can see she is trying to be something with the dancing but damn that batty is a distraction she mess up her body.She looks disgusting

  5. Today pon sher live she a sub nickeisha again, like leave the girl alone now. She really badmind and is a damn bully. All you doing is throwing words at nickeisha and marvin when yuh bloodclaat side teeth a the side in a yuh mouth waah file du. yuh so call man siva wid him mash mouth and nasty messed up teeth a him yuh need fi talk bout,an leave the girl mek she live her life. Sher yuh dont look good,yuh tuff like wid yuh cement batty, a gwan like it real go take several seats.You an sour mouth nasty renee weh underneath her black an look stink need fi guh look a life. When yuh did a walk wid nickeisha yuh neva know she never clean, yuh never know she wasn’t hot girl as how you make it seems, cause everyday yuh get up pon Instagram a post yuh foreign fake body fren dem weh don’t look good a talk bout a suh gal fi clean. As far as mi see it nickeisha don’t have to wear no brand fi look good. Her body natural and all when she dress simple she still look good, she nuh in a nuh worries wid name brand clothes and the world see that, cause everything nikki wear is simple and she look good same way, cause her body little an neat. she buy what she can afford and she buy weh she like. Sher a nuff gal wear an leff yuh come get when yuh deh a foreign suh stop it bout gal fi clean, everybody clean now a days, name brand clothes don’t make you look clean. Sher A caah wait fi somebody beat out yuh nasty rass you Sher, your day coming. Yuh only have strength fi renee, headtop and the other idiot gal them round yuh, weh unuh can boss up, all a unuh a hypocrite. Nickeisha pray and read yuh bible, make moves in silence and mek all the germs them live fi see yuh. Hold yuh head up nickeisha dance an make more an more money,and put it to good use for yourself your son and your familys. Dun to unuh boring show bout bad Girls of dancehall, down to the show unuh a call the girl name and marvin name jus fi get likes and viewers,unuh life sad badd.that show don’t make no sense cause the whole a unuh fava ediot.

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