1. Mi hear sah a d boy a hype her cause a wah sher dem did a chat sah but marvin still married mi a wonder if him did get d 10 yr

  2. This is a perfect example why you women should stop go Jamaica go marry man dem no want you Dem only want dem papers. Lisa you suppose to shame a f**ka you

  3. I would neva help none a dem trust me dis boy is nadty lowlife dutty dog an nickesha a try throw things inna sher face mi hear sah shi sah shi agoh dun sher dem wen shi get her visa

  4. Every time har ig get dead up and nobody nah look pon har she fling up pitcure of she and marvin cah she know seh dat a go get reaction and make her relevant for the day. Nickesha you dumb ass bitch bout u feel like you special or a style anybody a suck off marvin infested tongue outta him mouth lol,,, Same way u get him same way u will lose him you hear? You jus get slack bad frm wa day cant blame yuh fren dem frm draw weh from yo

  5. All mi a say is any man name weh call pan batty mi naw kiss muchless f**k…. Mi we even f**k a bruk man cause him might caah buy di panty but him can buy laundry soap .. but not batty.

  6. OMG a true mi feel sah a cause shi nah get no notice dat much soh a dis shi a use fi get attention dem fiva barbie an ken nickesa cum wid sum new dance style d whole a uno get stale now a swear

  7. Don’t care much for them relationship…..both are attention whore….Marvin clearly have a thing against woman but hey maybe nickeisha change him n him love woman now….but that centre part that she and Renee been wearing irritates the shit outta me…come on young hens u both claim to be hot atleast pay to do your hair..cause clearly a must beg u girls a beg fi do it..

  8. Her action all of a sudden show sah a attention dis stale dancer gal a look , cause shi did a hide an teck him , but now she a gwan like a him win d election, soh dis community whore a new kid on the block dem fi tank god if cheap clothes cause dem fiva cartoon

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