Now I have no issue with Nikki or her husband but I’m nosy like the rest of us. Today she put pic of her and happy husband but just Sunday she said she approached Marlo to ask a question and Marlo took off like a scared thief. So what happen cuz inquiring minds are wondering. Philly people are the best with the mix up so let us know.

0 thoughts on “NIGHT CHIEF OR THIEF

  1. Nikki, woman to woman you fi stop meck dis bwoy dis you. From you and him deh till now him a gi you stress. is that germsy hood really worth it? Evry time you finsd out bout him gal him juss find another one. Mi rate Alissa, cause from she spot him habit she run gone. When you have kids depending on you you should think long term and not short term. If Aids kill unu off who is going to love ur babies better than you?
    A husband that respects his wife does not continously cheat outright and bold like this clown has been doing. He is suppose to be helping you heal and as far as i see he is causing you more stress and grief.
    >>FYI Marlo is a born Teckka and anybody life she goes into she never leaves until the man decides to. Since they have been at it for years now, do the math and get a lifetime supply of Tylenol because you will be needing it.
    Shabba is a Opportunist and does not even care about himself. All that matters to him is a outfight for the night and a plate a food to hold him over until the next day. Sleep is not a problem , there are plenty of lonely desperate women like Marlo with her bed open so he is good. It is so sad to see females settle for anything just to say they have a man. I am sure if you think back before you met Shabba how wonderful you life was. A man that sleeps with everybody carries a lot of demons with him and guess what honey, all that negativity and crosses finds it’s way into your happy home. Take heed and have a bless day.

    1. Well said, straight forward truth. This site is so important because alot of people visit it and it really does provide important food for thought for those could use it.

    2. @ warning U R so right regarding the transferral of demons when it comes to sleeping around with those undesirables.

  2. I meant for those who could use it. Some people can’t handle the truth even when it is right in front of their eyes.

  3. Nikki f**k every man a phill already thats y she is settling for shabba the 2 of them is the same f**ker n f**kiss lol

  4. Marlo face look younger and prettier than nikki and marlo is way older nikki need some stress pills her friends and family should get her some help psychiatrist

  5. Nikki and Shabba have an agreement fi share Marlo money. What you all don’t know u need to mind your business!! Lol whole on pon yuh husband mi friend it ah mad dem lol

  6. FYI you just don’t know who Nikki is. Lol her and Shabba is splitting Marlo money. Nikki knows everything about Marlo lol

  7. Some of UNO ah some cocky watcha! Well wann see ppl marriage mash up and carry feelings for the lady cause she nah let go! Everybody who knows mi friend Shabba knows he don’t want Marlo and I’m not defending Nikki cause I don’t know her to well but Shabba ah mi friend from school days and him seh him nah let go of him wife. Just like how uno try mash up mi marriage and it never work it nah go work with Nikki. If the gal wann pay down pon it anno Nikki business. Shabba ah pay him bills and ah take care of him fambily. Him ah do the world fi Nikki. It bun mi fi see just because Nikki and Shabba have some wicked frienemy that want to see them life mash up it will not work waste of time. Some ah UNO don’t know shit and just keeping worrying about these two. Lego mon!!!

  8. Marlo body fava the pot holes dem inna Philly. Nikki you look good!!! Marlo do surgery and still fava crab inna barrel. Lol Marlo body big like big bird. Mi know when Shabba lay down under she him must beg fi him life lol

  9. Lol that man love likes too much Nikki did a take care of him with are hard working money but true Marlo get case money for are dead baby a Marlo him up under now all a drive up the x6 lordddddd mi a wonder how him nuh start f**k man yet the way how him love likes but Nikki a one big duppy bat cause why u want go to this big woman go ask are what if she f**king ur hubby come on now him don’t have a job an him come in with money nuh most sell him a sell f**k but him a tell ppl say him don’t want yo a him paper him a wait Pon an then him gone back to duppy gal Marlo u a take ur money a mind man an yo kids them need it a hope yo a save fi them 4 lil gal they an nuh done it Pon that stinking mouth boy cause when it done him gone find a next gal lol two a uno a fool

  10. Uno too wicked mon Marlo don’t look good. She fava the 5 baby daddy dem weh she have. So what if the mon ah tek the gal money him still nah disrespect him wife. Him embarrassed when Marlo even try talk to him in public. Lol when she chat to him you wann see him face how it screw dwl him tell one of him friend seh she well stink and him cah stomach har. Him tell my mon seh him tell Marlo fi do surgery and him cannot see ah wah dat she do. Nikki u know what I would say don’t watch nuh face and live yuh life cause nuh gal cah come to yuh face bout yuh husband or else Shabba mash dem up.


  12. Ah lie mon Lol uno gone pon the lady shoes now. Nikki mi friend mi Neva like u before but mi like u know and u ah mash up some ppl head! Lol the same person ah talk bout har shoes must be the same person who ah borrow them and nah return them. Uno fi stop it. Look how uno ah support madness lol ah suh u wann Shabba lol stop it mon cause it obvious uno jealous bad. The gal have har Pitney dem and Shabba have mouth fi feed please don’t stop the money train from bringing in the money Lowe them cause mi sure if uno mate ah sponsor yuh will surely glad fi tek it!!!

  13. Shana y u a nuff up back yuh self wid bleachy dem SMFh u no av no shame nobody f**k with u caz u f**k off the hole a dem man dwllllllll everybody man not even yuh muma man yuh

  14. Nikki pussy travel roun the world n back she every man from ATL,Florida, wus NY n she f**k off Philly man dem suh a caz nobody no want ar Mek she a gwan lik she a smaddy a ole whore a caz half a the man dem weh she f**k off deh jail,r dead smh I’m jus mad she not greaving nlik she should she at every party I’m surprise smh get ur life in order n stop wishing bad for ppl


  16. @2:18 Nikki ah beat yuh bad she ah hurt up yuh head lol mi ah Nikki mouth piece while she deh ah work lol envy is a bitch yuh soon drop dead

  17. nkki a dat u fi gett never se a gyal well luv ppl story suh yet n always wah see ppl a do bad all the hei eh u theif f shabba it naw hole himwife mi bombo the an good good oman deh a England u aff dead r deaf fi no hear dat ppl him dnt want yuh n ano likkl ppl him tell dat mi all here a beat him beat u fi tek dung the f**kry video wen mi see it mi god a now mi kno dah gyal a real man clown smh jus fi she u av a man mi sorry fi yuh my girl go put bur energy on grieving than deh dance every night it dnt look good my pickney n god rest that sweet likkle boy u had but if that was my child dance is the least of my worries wow so it was that easy smh u r the 1 giving ppl things to talk y r u at every dance watch the man u need help for real

  18. shana smh mi think she did dead but she rise again dwllllllllll y u lik shame likkl gyal u up n dun inna the ppl dem batty ole suh y nobody wants to be ur fren dwlll u owna fren Ashley she seh u f**k ar babyfada under her nose the gyal fine out nstop deal wid yuh u try fren shaky n den tek ar man bobby u fren jamila n tek ar man jigga all bobby breadda she a f**k n she did lik nuff up wid the yankee girl so ppl ppl lik veachy watch ar munchy watch ar roun max!!!!!!!!!!! if u n shana a fren n u av a man dnt surprise dwllllll is lik she have a F**kN PROBLEM dwlllll every time me see u cum inna the dance me seh this likk gyal av heart caz mi naw go nowhere weh mi f**k all a di man dem all dung a my way a west man f**k ar

  19. My girl Nikki ah mek u lose sleep ah night. Yuh ah worry bout har straying cocky, har shoes, har bed and what else har pension. You look stupid. What you need fi do like all the rest is go tell da Moggela yuh want ah sample and tek Nikki name off yuh chest nuh care who she f**k and nuh care who him f##k them nah go part. But true yuh ole miserable and Shabba nah look pon yuh and yuh friend weh donkey bite up and sperm dash weh all up inna yuh mouth u wann pree mi friend. Gweh mon it don’t look good inna mi Matterhorn vc

  20. nikki the ppl dem weh did live a yuh yard seh dem neva she a gyal weh can tek beaten lik u ctfuuuuu shabba beat u go n beat u cum n all u do a ball n den ugwan lik unu a live good good life u fi thank god fi marlo else u woulda hungry nuff night caz a u mine Shaba n him seh u fi bill ccaz u a try f**k up him money me hear him seh suh n if him neva breed yuh him gone long time caz him kno flappa n half a philly f**k yuh,, nikki y r u every where u have 2 young kids n 1 that’s not here smh god rest his soul go to god n not dance smh

  21. Met all who ah talk mi get fi learn seh ah ppl Shabba n Nikki help. Nikki have har real friend dem weh nah go mek ppl tek libatty wid har straight suh mi seh. The girl and har mon just wann live them life! Dutty bad mine ppl fi Gwen mon. New year pree good tings mon. Stop pree evil ah just tru she know the crab inna barrel weh ah try hurt har lol she ago mek UNO have nightmares!!!!!!!!! Dwl

  22. love ppl story nikki nobody deal with her she luv chat ppl every time me see this gyal she a chat smaddy all wah night she a chat ppl rose tek weh ar self quick dnt blame yuh nobody no stay oun her for too long

  23. We all know seh ah nasty ratty weh shit inna Nikki toilet and left it ah mad ova Nikki suh!! Gal mi deh clear ah Jamaica and see seh yuh bleaching can reach all now! Come outta the ppl them basement and stop nam ratt shit dutty gal. House enemy all ah UNO be. Look how the ppl them help UNO and UNO just wann create story suh. Get a life shitty! Lol

  24. Ratty ah Shabba and Nikki family weh come ah philly just fi use them and turn Nikki friend dem against har and them fall inna the wicked gal trap. Nobody nah go support no house enemy. Ratty everybody but Shelly know seh u is evil. Go all over the world fi chat the ppl them but u nuh Memba the same lean shoes and clothes weh help shelter yuh. All when u hungry the same mouth weh u ah use fi chat ah the same hand weh feed yuh. My girl Nikki nah business bout yuh Lowe the ppl them mon. One ting wid Philly ppl dem nuh support house enemy nor frienemy just because har life ah go good it ah mad uno. Ratty yuh fi build mon.

  25. Nikki ah your fault cause you did know seh you shoulda never bring in ratty in a yuh house. Yes nobody inna ratty family deal wid har. The gal Shelly weh come ah jamaica afta yuh and yuh come tell me how she ah tek the ppl dem mon and is har salt pussy deport him. Lol

  26. Metv what the ppl them ah Philly need fi know is that this is not about Marlo or Shabba or Nikki!!!!!! This is about the hate Shelly and ratty and duck have fi Nikki. Mi haffie talk cause them ah try fi mek friend look fool fool weh ah them ah create in useful story cause them tired fi see har face. Ratty come inna Nikki house cause she frig har friend mon ah New York and get catch and Neva have no weh fi go! She all sell the Nikki baby social to har friend fi ah couple of dollars. Not to mention she go friend the next babymother while she live inna Nikki house. Them ah try fi turn the world Against them and ah try turn Nikki against har mon to. Them know seh Nikki nah go can defend har self till she come off of work so mi ah defend it. Ratty mi beg yuh try no go back ywad cause the ppl them ah look fi yuh. She all deh ah New York and tun it upside down to. Do to har cousin she send go ah prison so all who ah run eeen pon ratty soon get wah UNO soon get it too.. As we all know she will not hide har self to. Leggo mon

  27. Ah lie mon bout Nikki deh with flippa she could’ve but them time deh flippa never have no money and she Neva wants him cause him and Marsha did deh and he wasn’t her type come with something beta wah UNO need fi talk bout is the pumpum grinding weh ah gwann inna ratty fowl pen!

  28. Mi just get a phone call seh mi name a call up pon pink wall one thingbi have to say is unu com beat mi dont have time for pink wall I am working hard to get out of the basement money mi seh

  29. The only person shabba want is Jackie Buzza. Him just a call the gyal every minute. Nikki u salt cause as soon as him get him papers a Jackie him a come to. Remember mi did tell u. Shabba a mad over Jackie. Look on shabba tattoo on his left hand. Jackie and Sstar.

  30. Mi vex mi jus a hear this Nikki suck out yuh madda u always a look bloodclatt sorry fah u a the most liedest Gyal I kno sue weh u use up ar toilet mouth like she kno nuttn n the gual jus hate u lik posion wah day dats y mi fraid a dat guall mikki she a tru *GEMINI* 2 sue go SUCK YUH MUMA mi deh ATL n Nikki no stop talk bad bout u how she Cyah Stan yuh plz who a worry bout naw bath Nikki a Jackie buzza the man Seh str8888 sue yuh pussy smell lik Capitol locks moley,ole,long dung sue me wah u ooen yuh stickn mouth caz u kno ur file deh a road u kno ur pussy no av nuttn name princeple ur file no normsl so cum mek mi dun yuh dutty bloodclat nuff man body sue. nobody a Philly dnt like ar u no see no fren r crew Nikki use to par wid dnt f**kn deal wid ar caz she soo f**kn mix!!!! We all kno shabba no ramp fi f**k up caz the man dem naw hide nuttn a pokaflat dem talk n nuff to ao nuttn weh u think a secret ur story no hide shMarlo deh pokaflat everyday wid him u go up deh n see her u did nuttn Nikki u a the biggest man clown I kno it sad

  31. Nikki and Marlo a fool because shabba don’t want none of dem Nikki is where him rest him head a nite time and Marlo now because the money train come in mi no blame him c a fool use a fool

  32. @WARNING!!! thanks for the reality check. Your right with everything u stated. My true stood b4 God husband has cheated on me for the duration of my marriage 18 years. I gave him. Thank God the low life is a conscious cheater. STD’s was the only thing he didn’t me give me. I kick that cunnyhole to the curb b4 that reach me. We as women must understand our worth. WE ALL must get old. WE ALL will need our bodies. As a medical professional I seen reproductive organs in man and woman prolapsed( drop or Droop) IT DON’T LOOK GOOD!!!! To all u woman out there a f**k down the place. Remember this : WHAT MISS U AIN’T PASS U!!! if pass u today it will reach u tomorrow. Look into yourself. I did !!!! I’m happy relieved enjoying life with out my EVERYBODY HUSBAND. AGAIN THANKS @ WARNING!!!!!

  33. Which woman follow behind a man like that everyday Marlo up a poker flat with shabba Nikki everybody know so stop fooling you self Nikki need fi give you Marlo a ass whipping you too brite

  34. Lol these ppl are sick!! Nikki and Shabba look so loving at his party! Some ppl just wicked yah mon. Suck out batty Jackie buzza weh sleep wid Shabba friend as him get lock up. He don’t want you. Some of you guys need to Lowe people business.

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