1. Nope, I don’t think it’s Nikki responsibility….Big ole gyal like Twinny weh ah tek man suppose to do better than she is doing! Twinny just had a party not more than 2 months ago, in addition to that IF YOU ARE OPENNING YOUR LEGS, OPEN YOUR HANDS!! Get your life together Twinny, your 40 odd!

    Why give your money to someone that will lose it within the year?!

  2. Sender if you going to class the girl come with a real gripe. The girl is far ugly and being without a steady home a no crime.

  3. Every man for themselves! SENDER jealousy is a bitch, you can get make over and some new clothes too.

  4. She looks really nice and I don’t like colored hair, what a makeover! Twinny I like u but it time 2 grow up, wig, clothes and shoes cost money all when u a teef u have 2 buy something. That $ could b going towards your rent and the disturbing part is children r involved. Twinny u should sell clothes, I’m not talking about knock offs but the unique pieces that u wear. Sell the sexy suck on dresses, jewelry r shoes, choose one thing and grow from there. Real talk u can dress, I’m not talking about when u in Gucci this and that.

  5. Na lie she look real nice from wa day Peach step up her thing she just from Tamara to Jenelle hair and makeup ,hope she a let opal paying for it and na use you hard working money to keep up with the fake life style like your friend

  6. All I have to say a poor GLASSES me sorry for every man see Nicki now so him better stop play fool in de corner everytime I see them in a party a try trick people say them not together me lol just watch the phone movement them no stop text and watch each other

  7. These old woman need to know dance hall is not all life out there only thing they live for is dance kmt

  8. Twinny hurry up and get a place and move out a Nicki place make sure u put up the video when u moving you like to put up clothes and shoes and bag put up a key for your new apartment

  9. Glasses why you name can’t stop call with Nickey Peach it’s been years everytime she in a mate your name right there ms black chinnie sit down and make nickey peach take her man with her even share come lady u need a makeover too dwrl

  10. Prinny them say a you put up your friends on the wall no Prinny why you so mixup all u big woman need to set example for your kids stop put down each other and for what dance hall

  11. I’m wondering if a she or one of her friends send dis in under sikes because I went on her Instagram page and this woman looks awful. These are the only pictures where she doesn’t look half bad and it’s because they are filtered. Mi nah try diss nobody but nuff ppl run in talking about she look good. So I’m just giving my opinion on that part. Look good weh? In some of the pics she look like a real Man Royal.

  12. Mamacita come with something better people like the woman and them ago talk good about her she just need fe Stay humble and stop let Twinny draw her out she no need none of the negativity she have good job Anybody who a bash peach a them send her in but a bayyyyyyy she still winning

  13. Come off a the people them. page and stop watch the people them too bad mind nobody no make you life sad and lonely all of who you send in about a chatt have a man even if a people man them too soft you need me to deal with I would make me bed on pinkwall just to answer you nastiness

  14. OK. Nickey peach you look good.

    Nickey don’t let nobody mek yuh put out yuh friend

    Leave opal alone

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