1. Bwoy mi lob Ninja man, im voibes can mek a girl laff all di time everytime. But mi haffi scratch mi head Ninja. Suh OGD Ninja u hab Fifteeeeeeeeeeen white baby maddah wah rich? holy, holy, hollllllly. Ninja u nuh just get back u passport suh how comes u cuddah left anytime, was dah b4 u lose di PP? U deh showoff innah u shorts dem tho, gwan do u ting yahn Ninja mi hear seh u done did u ting a SumF.

      1. Metty, Ninja Man feem speech dem nuh nawmal none at all..Ninja seh the taxi man dem wid no kids can come borrow one ah feem kids :hammer…and this interview proves why I love, rate and respect him sooooooo much; him is ah very intelligent man, funny n” sexy..big up mi nex artist tuh Admiral Tibet…

      2. Hehehehe heyyy, mi wouldn’t han nutting fi she too. If me did innah fi im shoes, hell mi not even want comment pan it miself..but wen im seh it a almost drop from mi Ninja in a class by himself and innah good way My artist still.

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