16 thoughts on “NINJA????

    1. How u to question?? U ever yet watch Ninja’s interviews?? Pure cross him cross legs with hand movements! U nuh si him love trace? him mussy see that he gained few pounds round a back suh him a flaunt it by wearing such toight pants! Ninja yuh son come out now its ur turn! :hammer

      1. Mi always see it and di behaviour and brush it one side.

        It obvious seh it tek some work fi get inna da pants deh, nuh expect dem suptn deh, smh!

  1. Luw Ninja inna shozoko it aid inna him “night missions”. But God know if Ninja have a mustard seed inna him pocket it bulge. The thing inna confusion ya now but unnu wait pon the order weh it ago bring.

  2. Straight fagg swagg ninja is an under cover batty man from back inna de when him female mannerisms can’t hide
    An create dis front teeth gold teeth compensate for your batty man
    Tendency.then yuh have de never to dis own yuh son is you introduce de bwoy tuh yuh colorful lifestyle.if him did really fe talk yuh woulda haffi run weh.please to stop teef baby clothes offa line original
    Batty bwoy gun man.just come out an be free liberate yuh stinkin self.

  3. Bad mind overload.a them style de trending.people’s just jealous a the man rise and happy him have him cheddar.a just jealous you all jealous.none a you can’t but a new pants that’s why.LOL

  4. Ah whey di plateclaate mi ah si??? Ninjaman??

    No mi nuh believe it :hoax2 :hoax2 Mi feel seh ah smaddy get whey inna di photoshop ting.. :hoax2

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