0 thoughts on “NO CASE SUBMISSION -_-

  1. Cool people, well deserved Shavey. Pity she never took the Modeling route but good to see you can finally stop begging the $20. dem…….looks like the fling with Sadiki (White)has brought some real luck your way! Enjoy the flight Bae!

  2. Mi wah know whats going on between her and Sadeki
    Him post pic of his young baby girl and then post pics of this chick baby its like these men nowadays have nothing about them how the other bm feel ..mi wah know how man breed women who doing nothing for themselves. Is she even 21 yet?

  3. I taught the door program have you a work permit and the ability to go back to school.. I didn’t know they come with green cards too

  4. This ugly sick looking man need fi get a job and fix up har life how u breed again and don’t even know who u baby father fi u first born is? Nasty likkle gyal

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