What Portia doing wid all dese cars she collecting? Where will di money go? Di people dem seh Jah Cure ina one piece a depression because all fi him car scrape whey gone den someone seh Desmond McKenzie son…Portia we want to see all dese monies and wi nuh waa di car dem pack up neatly and den area leaders sneakingly end up a drive up dem [email protected]@%$%% if yuh a go implement the law nuh badda neatly tuck in one side and buss out ina di next side……….allow di people dem fi do di right ting and get back dem car and nuh set nuh price higher dan di car……ah hope a nuh artiste car alone a get tek whey doe…PORTIA..PORTIA…WE IS ARE WATCHING YOU

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  1. Ms. Met, a Customs get tip pon one inside officer that was doing bandoloo dealings and a under value and a carry in ppl car fi likkle and nothing. The inland Revenue also got in on the raid. 17 vehicles of prominent businessmen & women were seize over the weekend in Kingston & St. Catherine.
    Mi think them fi stop it though because when me an ordinary Jamaican go buy mi car mi affi pay the duty.

    1. ____________________________________________________________________ yes but sometimes dem waa overcharge people so ina dat case people will always waa tek short cut

      1. tru, but some a dem mi nuh sorry fah, cah dem wah profile pon poor ppl like a mi yah.

    2. I know someone who brought a high end vehicle (~US50K) in the USA and paid someone in the US only USD$5K to import the vehicle into Jamaica. That was the only fee paid and the vehicle clear customs without another dime paid. If I’m not mistaken, the custom duty alone would be about USD$60K or more. The person didn’t even paid the full USD$5K to the contact in the US.

      I guess what they are doing now is go back and checking all those high end vehicles registered in Jamaica against their database to see who evade customs duty. There are probably thousands of these vehicle out there in Jamaica and many were stolen in the US! Some of these vehicles were brought from legitimate “used” car dealers in Jamaica who so happen to have paid zero custom duties on these Cars/SUV/Trucks.

        1. Met, we have too many cars in Jamaica…a high import duty is to help reduce this…TOO MANY CARS equals more traffic which leads to more productivity in the economy,,,TOO MANY CARS = more importation of OIL/GAS/ parts…= more foreign currency leaving our shores = greater trading IMBALANCE = a weak dollar = more pop dung economy = ALL SORT A THINGS

          1. u know mi cyah badda wid u more time because u tink u haffi beat tings ina mi head all when mi nah accept it :maho

        2. That’s the law .Every country have laws .USA have massive import duty on European wines ,nobody complain .If someone want to drive an expensive vehicle in Jamaica ,they need to pay the duty .

  2. How these cars came in the island anyway? They should’ve been stop n checked at the port. Jamaica is full of bs. Give the people them back them cars.

  3. Me no sry fi that asshole. Met, a karma deh pan jah cure, unu no hear say him wife and baby move out of their matrimonial home because him no stop beat the girl, the last time I saw her in the pharmacy u can tell she was hiding her face, har eye part neva look right so hear me to miself ” har husband give har blk eye again”. She should’ve listen to her parents and don’t marry his nasty rass, what kinda life can u live with someone with such shady past. Jah cure walk and look everybody, him try look me Fren and she sen him up under him nasty rass. F$&ker mouth sud like soap powder. Them soon tun him outta that townhouse because him can’t survive without Camilla, I hope she find happiness elsewhere because any man weh beat u will always do that shit again. Karma a deal with u me jah cure, God naah sleep!

      1. Godd nah SLeep …………Mi a tell yu seh di bwoy sneaking and OUTTA HIM HEAD …and ofcourse ……evening met ……dem nearly kill me ………….but there is something about dat bwoy

    1. Mi did hear sey dem separated n di lil leprechaun come out n sey a lie. Wonda wha di intelligent girl wid har Masters did a do wid dat dunce ex=convict whe caan string 2 words 2gedda praperly. Camilla tek u pickney n go back a USA him caan come dey not eva inna life, ole rapist nasty midget

      Him did mussi tink cause she a US Citizen she a get him Green Card or Citizenship…not ever Sickness not Cure, u a felon

  4. They cant charge duty more than the car, the reason being when a car dealer brings in car or m/vehicle, they get to pay 5% less than the regular importer with that they need to pay customs….now the Jamaica Customs Agency is not soley runs on the government they are reliable on importation of these cargo so when customs decide to clamp down on these dealers the government nah get nutn more than a percent of the actual GCT…..Portia nah get none……….stop blaming the prime minister for these insidious comments…..nuh country inna de world nah do fi dem prime minister so….nah lie………just saying

    1. Sandy dem too wicked, them fi pay the money and stop sideline the system man. Wanna drive high end vehicles fi profile

  5. Remember this story:

    Panton pays up $40m in duties, Key Motors reopened
    Friday, August 20, 2010

    TWO days after its closure following the arrest of owner Desmond Panton, Key Motors Limited was yesterday permitted by the Customs Department to resume normal business.

    The move follows a meeting yesterday afternoon between Customs officials and Panton, which resulted in him paying off the $40 million in duties from motor vehicles he sold from the Hagley Park Road, Kingston establishment without making the required payments.

    As a result of the payment, the Customs Department also returned nine vehicles that it seized from customers in the clampdown on Panton and Key Motors, which carries the Hyundai brand of motor vehicles.

    “This decision was taken to mitigate the hardships that the owners of those vehicles have endured and to minimise any loss of jobs to the employees of Key Motors,” said a release from the Customs Department.

    Panton was on Monday afternoon arrested and charged with 50 counts of evasion of Customs duties and taxes, taking steps to defraud the Government of duties, and unlawful removal of goods. The auto dealership was also shuttered.

    Panton’s arrest followed a year-long audit of the operations of Key Motors by the Customs Department, which said it uncovered a number of discrepancies regarding the evasion of Customs duties by releasing vehicles using improper procedures.

    Hours after his arrest, Panton was released on a summons to appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on September 14. The payment has not affected Panton’s expected court appearance.

    If convicted, the businessman could be slapped with $100 million in fines and penalties. He could also be imprisoned for up to five years on the unlawful removal charge.

    Yesterday, the Customs Department said it is in negotiations with Key Motors and Panton in relation to the penalties arising from the breach of the Customs Act.–40m-in-duties–Key-Motors-reopened_7889923

  6. Kiss mi rawse, den a upfull rastaman like Jah Cure inna depression ova material tings. Well u neva pay di full duty so whe u expec? Mi hope dem allow dem fi pay d full duty n get back dem high end vehicle.

    So how wi caan hear di res a tappanaris whe vehicle get seized

  7. Is what dis now sah… Jamaica start fall in line wid Amerika all 20 yrs aback unu gwine pay.. A wonda is who shaking up our government now??. We now have court that actually tries cases, witness protection, and whistle blowers. Mi like di new upcoming Jamaica. Some kind of order is better than none. I could not understand how the country did a run itself. Cecile I hope ur vehicle have the proper Docs, it wouldn’t look cute for You and ur boo to be footing in . Please get a renta on reservel to avoid such embarrassment. Level di plaiying feel time now PortSHA.
    I hope she cut back on all the frequent flying also, We could use some of that money to fix the potholes so she can Enjoy yawd instead or running away so much.

  8. A wonder if this new clampdown has any links to the murder of the Car Dealer person last week? Coincidence? Hmmmmmm

  9. customs stay charging ppl triple fi clear dem tings suh dem jus guh dis route weh ago even cost dem more in de end…a de same shit de gurl from Jamaicanmakeupartist pon har channel done customs ting nuh level non bloodclaat tall…Potia get it rite de ppl dem already hungry full time yuh duh de rite flipp’n ting shit

    1. simply dem need fi come explain to people how come duty cost more than the item a dat dem need fi do bout dem a seize people tings

      1. I true Met, dem 4 n 5 liter engine vehicle dey di duty is all 300% of di value of vehicle. A ordinary 2 liter engine car di duty is 100% of di value

      1. No @ Met Check out, No in fact mi nuh like the Squidward (from spongebob looking boy) If a yuh fren tell him fi chill too hype man.

  10. I spy… its the system a de car dealer dem fi stop import crash (fix up) vehicle and dem still a charge high price wen u buy it and a ole mash up car weh dem fix up all ppl dead inna some a dem….. stay deh dem dealer ya nuh normal !

  11. A few years ago, I was trying to buy a 2 year old car with the left hand steering and every Car Fax I ran, it was one of those crash and fix car. Those cars have to go through rigorous inspections in the US before they can be driven on the roads there but somehow these vehicles are ending up in Jamaica, no telling under what bandoluship. I just decided to keep my old car until I can afford to buy and import my own car. “Met check out”, the cars are in Jamaica and being sold to unsuspecting people and dem look good tuh. KMT.

  12. @ Met.. yes its not allowed to be brought in the country if u purchased a crash vehicle u affi fix it up before u send it to jamaica…. and about seven years ago u could bring in crash vehicle and de dealer dem bade off a dat ….and still charge u high price to… so as i say b4 is the system…

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