met look at this tuff turbit a hype and mek trouble with people everday on Facebook look how she big and favor some breed out cow bout she a boss lady and dont even own a bed before she go look a work fi mind har daughter weh she a struggl with cause the selector boy weh she give dont mind the pikeney from it born cause at the time she did still a f** wayne so the boy nuh sure a fi him everday this big wukless gyal get up a promote party before she go look a wuk met she a boast bout a she a keep patty lie the dutty gyal a tell Iis a boy come ere from farin the other day and f** har out and true the boy know shevis a little all rounder gyal weh deh all bout him just use har name fi keep the dance and she a talk bout people badmind har weh she have fi people badmind har tho met this boy weh she a boast bout she tec weh name devol the boy is a little ediot him cah read plus os a little old bord shop weh are granny lock down have in a f** when night come tash just a reminder before I …


9 thoughts on “NO FULL STOP IN SIGHT

  1. Mi not even read it ya…mi deh ah look fi one period or some kind of punctuation mark ….not one it sight, at the end….bout she a “…” :alay

  2. If me laugh a dead what a way my life a bother .. People that know nothing about you always try to tear you down … Uno afi come better this no shake mi a inch … Bad enough to come pink wall y never put it on fb n give me a tag.. Bad mind nah go have a end… Mi 1 likkle dance weh me a keep make mi ave so much enenimes …uno life sad..

    1. I doan care if u are not a spelling bee champion I still WOULd,i soooo would! Big lie senda telling bout turbit hun cuz u look soft to the touch.Gwaan thru n big up urself beautiful,sexy Amazon Queen!!

  3. I smell bad mind envious n jealousy …
    Before you go throwing flaws at people learn to spell dunce asf… Mi dance ago mad uno n mi nice clean daughter

  4. Pot calling the kettle black.

    Can’t call people idiot and you can’t even express yourself properly, smh


  5. A could a weh uno a bad mind the girl fah , Mamie u up u look good , u people need fi low people business n mine u own … The girl happy life make fi uno sad n a no fi r fault. Uno low the girl innocent pickney alone …one dance she a keep an it a mad uno nasty rass .. Pretty black girl she is … Bad mind never get pick

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