0 thoughts on “NO NO NO- SUNDAY DAGGA

  1. I stop having sex because I’m not married. Fornication is a sin and I don’t want to disobey God.

    1. Hmmmm…now we all know why you are so miserable. I guess you will be unmarried and unhappy for a veryyyyyy long time. Mi feel sorry fi yuh, bout fornication is a sin. When since?

      1. A better me single than married and still live in my mother’s house. Any man me married to better have him house and not be living in his parents place. Plus, your husband that you sexing with dildo at nights is not my cup of tea. Husband is the least of my problem, I just refuse to marry any man just to say I’m married. I don’t do anal sex so finding a husband is not as easy as I would like it to be.

  2. Lived a house with with man ‘ them love have attitude when u say noooooo to them . Pussy feelings tun up like him ago put in NUFF work don’t laugh bloggers. Me tell him stop listen to vibes kartel song .

  3. I tell him no if i’m very tired or if him piss mi off prior.

    How he reacts? That SOB malice mi over my own things all 3 weeks straight. Him cuss out mi claat.

  4. Me never ever tell my man no unless a dem 5 days deh…all when me sick and a dead…if me extremely sick or tired…me tell him fi hit it from the side and tek time…

  5. Tell him no when my pums is sore from previous dragging.he get upset but so what.sometimes he wait until I fall asleep and tek it anyway

  6. The word no is banned in my sex life ,after all these years mi a still my husband clothespin a swear

  7. Roflll. ..yes…mines will definitely malice me if me tell him sometimes as women we just not in the mood. ..and especially if we have a disagreement. .u nah get none…weh

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