A grand jury deliberated on whether to indict Darren Wilson the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson St Louis today. Based on the evidence that was presented to the jury Officer Wilson will not be charged. It was reported that Brown robbed and a companion a store and the police were called , Brown ran and officer Wilson gave chase and was fatally shot.


  1. I said it was open season on blacks once Travon Martin murderer last year was found not guilty black ppl buckle your boot straps the cracker pigs are coming for you let the lynching begin (sad face)

  2. @met its not only police have license to kill blacks in america once u white your privileged to kill us with no remorse!!!! I don’tknow y some ppl still a kill ythemselves fi come yah this country is not in favor of black ppk at all

  3. @Met, I anticipated this outcome. When have you ever seen a white cop kill a minority and ever get charge and i mean really get charged and get jail time, when??? if you know of any let me know..It doesn’t shock me, its truly open season for people of color especially our boy children. GOD GUIDE AND PROTECT THEM LORD, DO JESUS..

  4. @Met, now i reflect on the article you wrote on the white man who married the Haitian woman and prayed his son maintained his complexion, so as to protect him from issues like these here. The struggle is real me a tell u.

  5. Black men nowadays are fukin cowards look how them getting lynch n them busy a turn up n a flossn a kill off them one another when they should be building an alliance to keep the pigs from killing their children me loose all respect fi them no ratings noooo

  6. @Met, reflection: this brings me back to the article you posted about the white man who married the Haitian woman and prayed his son maintained his complexion so as to shield him from issues like these..SMFH. The struggle is very real, me a tell u.

  7. chuckoff bout black man is cowards,suh black woman are what?????police run tings a america, one time bad man did a run jamaica and it change,dem juss kill a caribean youth a ny from wah day,top cop said accidental shooting,people a Ferguson fi deal with it wicked,

  8. Not surprised at the decision just dismayed and have had it up to here with these killings and beatings of our black men. The cop whe kill di youth in a di stairway a Bklyn him a get whe to. Sick to my stomach of the injustice.

  9. Prayed for the best but not surprised at the worst. I’m convinced that black people in Amerixxxa will never get justice in my life time. Stop support white owned business hit dem inna dem pocket. It worked with Rosa Parks we have enormous economic power, nobody spend like Black people.

  10. @triston yeah I fukin say it fuk black men period. And I don’t care if met ban me for attacking u a coward nothing more!!! What you expect? Huh??? For black women to pull them pants up n battle the war against blacks that been plaugin this country for centuries? Sorry but am not your single mother that raise you to think that a woman alone should raise n take care of the household boy!! Y don’t u be a man n standup to your white daddy n stop BC watch my comment n guh after your oppressor boy! every other race of women have them man to stand up for them n go battle while u lazy cruffs ah worry bout 1 thing running down skirt while da system ah target u one by one yeah come talk to me now boy

  11. well it inna di constitution than black men are 1/5 of a man ……so no way they going to make a whole man suffer that consequence

    1. Look how dem kill off Ramarley kick down him door go ina him house go kill him and nothing come out of it. Ramarley own actually worse than this because he was no threat to the police and the police kick off the door go in without a warrant and kill the young man unarmed . So police can jus kill who dem want den

  12. bad gyal a talk, mi fraid a di internet gangstress, anyway mi love yuh Anonymous,yuh nuh know mi,memba seh america differant from Jamaica inna di aspect weh, we caan juss a kill 5 police fi one dead man!!!!!!!!

  13. I’m disappointed but not surprised! This is why many people don’t believe in the justice system. This is soo SAD!
    My heart goes out to his family… This verdict is like adding salt to the wound! No closure at all :mads

  14. Disappointed but most certainly not surprised. RIP MIKE BROWN , condolences to his entire family.
    Mike Brown is a product of the continuing downgrade movement of black people. Where is militant black power music and political culture music that helped our black race rise up in the 1960’s and then again in the 1990’s. there is no black power or unity because all our youth have to look up to is black women twerking and turning up at the club and black men singing about pussy and all kind of f**kery. that is the example they are being shown…not to respect black bodies and minds …so WHY should the white man respect black life, if we ourselves treat our body like slaughtered meat !

  15. Good Morning met and all…
    I saw a movie yesterday, a true story of a man that was killed at a train station(Fruitvale Station) innocently by police. It is said that the policy wah charged for first degree manslaughter and sentenced for only two years and did on 11months. How sad is that. Until ppl start respecting and valuing each other which is never it nah guh stop.

  16. Luk pon the sixteen year old black pickney a Florida weh 23years fi killing a police dog yet these three phucking germs and more a walk free the as in Martin, Ramarley and now dis yute smfh

  17. In THIS case, the police shooting of Mike Brown, f**k Mike Brown! Him is a tief and a bully. When yu Tief people tings yu deal with whatever comes. Mi only sorry is not the store manager weh him ruff up neva have a machine fi Buss him skull pon di spot and save us the drama.
    I’ll save my tears for the innocent youth who are harassed and killed by the police.

  18. Precisely Met…..That was a case that deserved this kind of coverage. Police guh fi him an kill him. Different ting dat. Dat police bwoy need two Goodyear necklace.

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