Toronto look like it a heat up! After months of word throwing on Keifa facebook page she have up the people dem man again or is it still people man? She put up pic in the past but they have always been quickly removed but this one stands now for a few days. So can anyone tell me what the story is here? Has she finally made the man and him woman lef for good? Im confused because 2 weeks ago I saw this man and his woman in the mall walking hand in hand and does anyone know his babymothers facebook page name I would really like to see whats going on over there anyone in Toronto with info plz talk di tings!


  1. Well look like him really a play di game good. Cause couple months ago him and she, and fi him bredda go jamaica together. Suh weh di other woman deh during all this. Dem woman yah need fi get the act together. Today she, tomorrow the nxt one. SMFH

  2. I can’t believe this whore is still at it! She can’t find a man for herself? This girl come and see the man with his woman and dem pickney so I don’t really wrong the girl to fight for her family the kids are young but from what anyone can see and the that’s always on the street is he love his baby mother him a hot boy so a muss something she a do for him because I see him and him baby mother in dance all the time and dem always match and look hot and happy him baby mother a way way way hotter gal for her she little and neat with a cute face you wouldn’t even know she have kids and maybe that’s why he can run around more time because the baby mother is at home with their young kids I know the last baby don’t even reach two I always see her in the mall shopping with him in his stroller but to the baby mother God not sleeping the hurt she cause your family will be repay ed and the hurt He cause you will also be repay ed you just keep being a good mother to your beautiful children don’t focus on this drama sometimes these men do some things and mess with the most pop down girls and u wonder why! Cause baby girl this tall black no shape crusty gal don’t have nothing I’m team wife all the way because it’s she I always hear about and see MI Nevada see him out with this gal yet looks like the case of a side bitch passing her place for real

  3. Honestly speaking its the baby mother who send in this picture of Keifa. She sad only and angry, and reason for such is because Keifa is the only one stands up to her. Keifa is a nurse a very nice person. Very easy going and about life. His baby mother is obsess with him and fear to realize all the hold she holding him down it ain’t working. She need to get up and go find a job and stop living off Canada government. She don’t even live with his baby mother and its All lie that he was at the mall with her. He was in a party Saturday with Keifa showing her off to his friend. He doesn’t married to his baby mother, she’s one lie mad and confess person. She look like johncrow. Bitch ugly and black with some need lips. Keifa use to do modeling and as y’all can see the industry wouldn’t even think of turning her back if she true to enter again. I know both girls personally and I know for a fact that its is baby mother who send in this photo as well keep commenting. She need to go look a job and pay more attention to the kids instead of Bobby. A the best thing when bobby leave her cause she a ole parasite I swear she is.

  4. Anonymous aka Keifa lets be real its you write all that garbage about the babymother and you are not a nurse u r a PSW people who are nurses are more bright if you go on his babymother page all she have on it is progressive statuses and she talk about her business the girl is not living off no government don’t hate because you have to go out and work hard for people while she knows how to run her own businesses I should screen shot her page to make people see what she does on a daily basis…where are your two kids keifa didn’t you give them to their father so you could run down man….I never see you with your kids yet I always see her with hers and she don’t look stressed out is it burning you that you hear he was holding his babymother hand in the mall 2 weeks ago and I find it hard to believe he would be out showing you off to any friend you are no prize lmao and they don’t live together a recent thing that cause they always cohabitated and they always look happy if hes with you now that’s great for you but at the end of the day a ppl man you take you know what yall look up Shan Shan shes the babymother

  5. These stories are really getting old and drawn out, it’d the same thing over and over again it’s just with different people involved and a different area. Smdh why is it that these women always get involved with another women’s man. I blame the men too.

  6. Rasss met now keifa put up ring finga say she engage….story a tun ova now…joke inna the tdot ya

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