1. it nuh matta wah she haffi say she fail miserably as a parent. coo pan di first pic up a top. she neva bring dis girl up right at all.

      1. mi no know wha fi say mi see it last night and now yuh put two and two together. mi no know who fi start wid but mumma a get it fuss same way.

        1. mi nuh usually comment pan dem tings wid children because it may not come out fi right way but di mumma fi go jail fi life

      2. yes all dem big woman clothes deh the likkle girl a wear. how the pickney know fi tek man? a the mother influence her no 11 year old boy no breed her. u have some mother weh send out them daughter fi go tek man fi come mine dem. when dat little girl get older and understand what happen she a go hate her mother.. a bet the child a go call the grandmother mommy and call him mother sister.. lawd gawd

      1. mi see it yestiday bout the careless family a celebrate har rape and trauma. no sah bout baby shower. it would have been a bloody massacre. wtf? mi head a hot mi rosta.

        1. di way how mi bringle a str8 badwud mi a cuss..di mumma fi get beaten den prison that shit on the street that is what the mother is

  2. From the first pic post yrs ago somebody say a the mother tek the pic and this one too. Straight prison cause me just feel a di mumma a use the lil gal. LOCK HER UP.

  3. you see like how the mother put up with all this slackness, I wouldn’t be surprise that she breed again right after she drop this one….I am wondering how CPS noh step in.

      1. what a dishonorable b!tch har owna child she a throw to the wolves. why dem a give har air time and not jail time is beyone me right yah now.

        1. she did have the little girl in some mek clothes mi a try remember how fi find the picture n she put how much bangle pan har but is like a dis she did want it come to so she more dan unfit mi vexxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. If di maddah really dress and encourage this kind of behavior from a from a young girl,she need fi be whipped and den jailed. It’s such a disgrace when di one person who u deh look pan fi some guidance is a vipah and di wuss kind. What mother innah har right mind encourages dis kind of despicable behavior? Lawd help us all, di future ginjaration dem futcha look dim bad.

  5. This is the same lil girl Metty?..cause when yuh did put up the 1st set ah pics we all said she had the body of an older woman…wouldnt be surprised if this lil girl end up pregnant again real soon

  6. Dat muma is a nasty dutty wutliss rawse n really police need to b involved this is so horrific oh my word a di sed likkle pikney yes

  7. Di big pimpin wutliss careless mumma need fi guh ah PRISON. Since she fail fi protect di pickney, weh di State ah duh bout it??? Dis a str8888 child abuse and should be reported by the healthcare provider that confirmed her pregnancy. Dis nuh right cah who ah protect dis child?????

  8. If di ediaat mumma feel it appropriate fi dress a child like dat, den pregancy is the least harm dat will come tuh the child!!! Dem need fi tek dat likkle gurl outta dah environment deh wid swiftness, cah she nah guh hav nuh future wid a mumma like dat :marah

  9. met the MOTHER AND THE MAN WEH GET THIS LIKKLE GIRL PREGNANT CHARGES SHOULD BE FILED AGAINST THEM….their is two victims year the little girl and the unborn child ,,,shi must not be allowed to raised this child and should be taken in foster care wid counseling and be taught how to be a child,,,,she was not taught to enjoy childhood a very sad situation……………wuklissness

  10. This mother show this child no guidance and she fail to protect this little girl in so many ways, i am wondering how old is the guy that got her pregnant..
    met me memba the mother how she was carrying on. you see how she a pose and she nah pose wid no report card a show A’s, B’s or C’s.

  11. I’m usually a peeper but dis bring mi out met this is not the same momma that had the fashion party for the little and dress her inna di naked Rihanna dress is it?? (And those same party pics went to media take out)

  12. Evening met n metters. Met is the lil girl weh did up pan the old wall, inna dem big woman frock. The one that was on media takeout,.

  13. met where this pickeny live JA or oversea? cause things like these mek mi wonder,,,,mek explain the story good to mi is it rape or the child was having a affair.

  14. You know I’m thoroughly F*ckin’ upset, this is deplorable!!!! Yes, Metty she need beaten and jail time……SMADDY do mi ah beg call ACS!!!! So who breed the little girl, I don’t care about her attire, look at her face, she has the face of a child!!!!!

      1. well once the child is under the age of 16 they do get involve, this little girl cant even hold a job to support herself much less to support a baby. Very Sad indeed!!!

  15. I saw this on a friends fb page and was utterly disgust….. mi have 2 daughters and mi a watch dem like hawk!!!! mi waan see di bwoy weh him oil a ride him feel to seh dem can rob my baby a dem innocence an see which God dem a serve, mi mek sure a walk wid a half a lass fi dem!!! This is just sickening!!!!This is still a child, whose parents have failed her miserably!!!! The bible is really fulfilling itself, children are having children!!!!

  16. a bet u da madda is a wutless dancehall bitch weh deh a dance everynite n leff dem pickney fi raise themself dis story tragic becuz dis lil girl didn’t stand a chance har childhood takin frm har already n da unborn baby is also a victim me a wonda if da state don’t come n take n put dem inna better environment like a group home with therapy n social workers she’s gonna need it n lockup da bloodklaat duttty shit toilet mumma yes ah dis she did a prepare da lil girl fah dats y she have da lil girl up a skinout n naked

  17. @Ms Met, was the same little girl that was posted on here at a birthday party in a revealing outfit? If it’s she I think sometimes she does fashion shows in Bx.
    Either way mi blame her mumma 100%. Mi feel sorry for her, how shi gonna manage at child birth. God please guide her through a safe delivery and I hope CPS tek she and the baby from the dutty mumma. Mi nuh waant know who a di daddy.

  18. Nobody going to any jail for this abomination! De mumma a ole veteran and from the PROUD look on that babygirl face she not giving up NO Information fi har man go jail!
    feel sorry fi mawga dog and it tun round bite yuh! Dat likkle gal look like she we all buss big fight for har man/babydaddy! lol sad but true.

    1. But PP mi still nuh understand ah which state ah Merica condone this injustice tuh a child. It mandatory fi ALL states report child abuse and elder abuse and authorities obligated fi investigate ALL report. Suh mi still ah wonda how di mumma above di law.

  19. BTW, has far as little girls giving birth she is old according to the report of the 5 year old in Peru, 10 year olds in Mexico and Columbia.

    1. After checking, the US have more than 20 cases with majority of the girls being age 10, Jamaica has 1 reported.

  20. This is tragic, sad and deplorable. But me shame fi seh. When the first set a pics hit the airwaves. Me did kinda figure seh this would be the outcome. But me dismiss the thought cos me no like think negativity towards children. As fi fi mummah she fail this child in every way. Her job is to protect, guide and nurture this child. Smh

  21. [email protected]…don’t be surprise if ano all the mumma man breed she…bwoy dem mumma yah no normal a bl**dclot..wutliss is not even a word Fi Di duttygyal, I wonder how old she is? have a niece weh a 13teen, and she act like she clueless, much less a 11yrs old, sad, I will be praying 4 a safe delivery 4 her…..bcus labor ago wipe dat dam smile off her face, bcus har body no done developed yet Fi push out 6 to 12lb…..MET WEH U SAY****FROM U WAS BORN OUTA U MADDA BELLY***

  22. @met, di ting juss mash up me raas nerves. Me feel like fi pap out me hair how di issue disturb me. God if u nuh busy mek a stop here.

  23. di 2 pickney dem fava though: di pics are quite strikingly similar..Di situation is still di same regardless if di top pic is NOT the same child. Dat pregnant chile mada fi get prison time..

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