0 thoughts on “NORTH’S DOUBLE?

  1. Nobody believing this crap. Everybody Saying they tired of these two being shoved down our throat but it’s the media shoving them in our faces by reporting the most stupid and outrageous stories by these sources that just wants a dollar..
    Sidenote:: that baby is sooo cuteee Awww
    Gm met

  2. The difference is that she is squinting from being out in the sun surrounded by strangers taking her picture versus being relaxed inside with her Daddy.

  3. Ah doe believe dis double story…:hoax2. Is only fi dem baby woulda heng round dem an doe bawl all day long cah she hab dem genes. Ah outside baby woulda pick up di foolishness and confusion round dem an bawl suh till di madda affi come fi har :ngakak

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