People in Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.
This man is going around saying he’s a contractor he’s not!!!! He’ll take your money for your job and won’t complete it!! So beware.

7 thoughts on “NOT A CONTRACTOR

  1. I know him,he’s dating that hair dresser boy mame Trevor in Brooklyn. He is indeed a f**ng theif, I can’t stand him.

  2. @Patra him a battyman forreal
    He was trying to talk to me for a while now offered To take me out and stuff. I always turn him down

  3. I just have laugh at this thanx for the publicity But please get your story straight I think you need to go and more research about me and get back to me but again thank you for the publicity

  4. @ patra the only way you can’ possibly know me is if I f**k you so stop telling lie on my name about you know me and putting my name with batty man but I get in thanks for the publicity

  5. @ goodazgyal you dumb bitch one for asking for real if I am a batty man yet I was trying to f**k you have some cents and stop entertaining negative people @ patra if you know me say who you are plz and tell me where i can meet you so I can slap some sense into you about am a battyman

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