Roger baby madda tannicka say she call dem cuz him lick her but he been wantd unda Flippa ting long time. She tell dem one bag a tings bout him bout child support I don tink she no he wantd

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  1. this bitch mouth dirtier den toilet bowl ah dem type a low class ghetto gal dem man luv go breed up den again da boy weh she a do up probably worsa den she

    1. Regardless she have no respect for herself how can u be on social media acting like this no man no class no likkle nutten, if she a act like dis can u imagine how she was b4 she got her ass knocked tha F#$k out SHAME N DISGRACE

  2. Morning Ms. Met and Crew,

    Is Rogernae the daughter? I’m highly dissappointed! if she want class the man so be it but when she ago sey “Rogernae walk with her pussy out a door,” that is some heights of slackness and outta orderness. She could have simply said “If it were up to Roger, Rogernae nuh wear good clothes or Rogernae go bareback.” But she just nasty and raw chaw! This bitch sick stomach!

    1. Good clothes should be the least of any woman’s concerns when raising a child in the proper manner; the child’s health, happiness, education, surroundings and appropriate living conditions come primary to claat and boot fe pickney, which is the least important to be concerned about. If ah chute sha talk, black men like Roger make it so difficult for good black men to NOT be stereotyped as deadbeat bums, let alone be a good black man. Any actions committed against an innocent child is a sin unto The Lord, and dem and dem evilous ways will be condemned unto The Lord.. mark my words!!

      1. Oh please all she eva care about is money for clothes so she can dragg dem go every party. She dont have any education and nah teach dem anything good. none of her kids live with her but her new baby n she soon ship him off. her kids rudddde n she eva a cuss dem call dem whore n bitch. her son been left in jamaica, her big daughta live wit her fadda and only time rogernae get good treatment when she wit roger and marie. dat lil girl love her dad the mom just wickd. from her mouth and tings she write on fb u no she nah set no good example fi her daughta dem. she make jamaican women look like trash

      2. @ Yep, I am not saying that good clothes should be the concern here. I am simply stating a better way in which she could have said Roger not providing clothes for Rogernae. As I said, if she want class up the man and disgrace him so be it…but when she is going to talk about her daughter she could have at least shown some decency. Under no circumstance is it ok for her to say what she said concerning Rogernae. I don’t care how mad, angry, cross she is.

  3. That child support always gets them behind bars LOL; but lady, yuh shouldn’t class yuh dawta in such a manner as to reference to her vagina as puscsssey. You could have referenced it as her “flower pod” or her “private area” or just not have made mention about your lil girl’s crothes area at all….LADIES!!!…hear me and hear me good!!! once unu goodung ah courthouse guh file child support and and/or a paternity test or child support order is issued…HEADACHE DONE!!! He is now within the realm of the law!! It then becomes The State vs. whomever them is…… :thumbup Argument DONE!!

    1. that f**kd up cuz he eva have that lil girl. i doubt she call dem she wanted herself an dont have a paper or green card to file for nuttin. she luv money and war not a good baby madda

  4. So y she call police on him she disgustin long time she eva write slackness n mixup bout anybody her mouth filthy baaaddd. Wha kinda madda write up bout dem owna daughta so.

  5. These females make it bad for themselves if you cant support you kids dont keep having them, at the end of the day a man can drop dead today or tomorrow what would you then SMFH. Nastiness unuh fi a run dung Roger wher nuh have nothing fi cgild support that menas yuh cahh mind di child but look how many kids dem say she have disgrace.

  6. My child’s father never take care of my daughter after I left him but I never cursed him cause at the end of day I did lay with him to make her and she is half him so I won’t curse him its like cursing the child!! I didnt run and breed up with more men to fibd somebody to mind me and her!! I worked and I prayed and God has helped me take care of my child alone better than he could!! It’s his loss!!! She is older now and can never say she heard me cuss or style her dad! He can’t get that energy or time from me!!
    She is a disgrace!! Dark and ignorant!! Concentrate on you being a good mother and stop disgrace the man, your kids and yourself!!!

  7. Moy please come tell JMG if is You file Child support also. I doh believe is Tannicka alone. Moy hate Roger because him neva leff Marie or Stacey fi she. Every week she a call down him fren dem phone a beg fi talk to Roger cause him no stop duck har. Come moy come Talk up.

  8. That’s the main reason I have nor am I interested in having a face book page. Most people not all act like they don’t have phones and don’t know how to communicate privately. An tek face book fi some show off ting an di life dem a live on face book is not reality kmt. Dum assess. Any pickney mi push out a mines will never force a man fi mine my child because that Is too time consuming an most man whe u haffi force don’t have a job so a twenty dollar a mnth yuh a fight fah. If she did have a job or a try mek a future fi har kids dem she wouldn’t have time fi a post dis crap besides who is Roger fi breed fah. Jobs now have a designated department that search face book before dem hire u, so future reference keep unu business to unu self man jesus.

  9. Moy careless to Roger no mind her daughter and she go take up dead beat dwayne not doing nothing for she and her daughter neither his kids moy did dwayne give you back your baby tax money $1200 when you give him to flip

    1. U no see seh Moy only wah Dwayne tongue and him Big bbbbb. She no care bout money so she is a lost cause. A spite she did a try spite Roger when she go teck up Dwayne who is Roger cuz bbyfadda.lmao.. how dumb can you be. She mad cause di man neva a left none a him woman fi she. a she run go breed think it did a prove point. Moy what number child is ur daughter in Roger’s line up? How special is urs to him now. ediot. Any man weh have more than 2 kids already cah breed me weh no have none you madddddd.

      1. Same thing Tannicka do she run go breed for any man she think can mind her instead of work. she was neva his woman true he was Flippa bro and tings did a gwan she did tink she set. All of dem breed around same time and was fighting each other over roger so no she a cuss him. she will take any man for money she have a next baby only a few month old so why run go breed again if u cant take care of all u have.

  10. It’s not the child’s fault in anyway, but what kinda of lazy name is Rogernae???

    Anyway, she done show up herself with the comments she made about the child not being maintained – so disgusting I had to re- read to se if it’s really her own child she was talking about like that! Kmt
    Anyway, she surely not going to get no money from him if he get convicted as part of this whole crime empire saga.

  11. I was in her position where the father of my child hit me. I would usually be very calm but it was unexpected and i behaved similarly to Tannicka. Am just saying that somtimes if u r not in the position u can always evaluate and comment on the other person’s situation But its unfair to judge her because each person deals with his or her situation differently‪. I used to judge these foul talking ladies until i got hit.

    1. you might have had a foul mouth but u take it to the man! I hope you didn’t cuss him on FB for the world. If she type that imagine what she say to him.

  12. Nothing is wrong wid classing somebody that has done you wrong and might dam well deserve it we have all done uts the way you go about it

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