TISK TISK- They never Learn

All those who sent prayers for MyzzHollywood family emergency……take a look at this… Last year booked in Miami for Credit Scam, this year the same thing…This is sad!!


  1. Her hair style well well bashy, It does it for me. LOL. These teefing people no have no LAWN A LAWN.

  2. Mumma I was wondering why she cancelled her party….hey the way she cocky and nuh talk to people u would think she rich in real life…..smh

  3. She never learn I guess she not so Hollywood after all the husband wicked he should of let the party still keep to bail her rass

  4. Good for her asss people like that i don’t feel bad for them she is a ugly gal without makeup u r no longer mizz Hollywood broke pocket gal .. Your husband should have keep the party so that he have bail money to get u

  5. Mama dancehall is not 4 you her two friend she hang with better be careful go check your accounts

  6. Suh a ppl hard earn money shoulda bail har…. mmmm…. Mi nuh feel bad fi ppl like har. Cause when dem a scam ppl dem a hurt others. Tan inna jail cause u seem to caah learn. Guh wuk fi wah u want.

  7. A who rat her out lmao, me no sorry fi dem..she a scammer and a hype like she really Hollywood….Hollywood my ass scammer no too good yah mean…

  8. Myzz scam a wood, she too wicked fi lie pon her mom life. … she too fake anyway, she should’ve stick to f**king the people dem man, being a thief is not a occupation, get a real job and stop empty out people accounts

  9. the way she so stush mi woulda think seh she up up up in life gal ugly bad and broke pocket and a lie to di people bout her family emergency and all me ah send my sorrows weh har 2 fren dem nyokma and girlboss wonder if dem ah dweet to

  10. Who’s pussy is girlboss going to watch now…wooiiiiieeee I don’t mean to laugh cause this is indeed sad but girlboss come here mama yu gyal gone a she finance yu dance wid di scamming money too nuh true?

  11. Met check yuh email, dem deh all ova di news a fugutive dem a call she and har husband, dem all find machine fi mek credit card and fake license. Police scoop dem up inna dem yaad.

  12. Girlboss is the lucky one har wife scammer pay fi har dance…the fatt one hype salt lol dwl miss hype what you going to do go back to c.t till you get money? DWL…..nyoka you still selling your pussy to uncle fi help pay fi your dance hopefully yuh have some money left over from your last party DO YOU BITCHES WORK???

  13. Unnuh need fi bill weh nyoka an girlboss affi do with dis di last time me check dem work so how dem name ah get call up in ah this not because dem walk together that nuh mean nothing an di whole ah unnuh weh ah create excitement over hollywood an nuff ah fi unnuh FREN a scam to unnuh low di gyal dem man

  14. Dye dye shut up everybody know seh she and girlboss did a fuk !!!!! That’s what she has to do with it…girlboss jealous over Mz Hollywood more than har husband .

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