1. Wat a day when this thiefin gal go down watch da NXT 1 a like up the comment big credit card fraud ring that must make the evening news

  2. Time, time, time. Keeping with ur IG bragging. Frump Executive orders says shop lifters etc are to be deported. So tan dey, start selling out fi buy a lil apartment a Yaad.

  3. She fi go prision. Me sure if she get dip she a go see prison or a grave a Jamaica. Har man too, cause fi him conscience know no boundary too…him would thief all nipple bokkle from new born.

  4. No pay stub or legal in america idiot who you fooling? Enjoy the moment cause you will be in Jamaica by Christmas for sure . Robbas you is the boldest scammer & shoplifter i ever see in my life ‘ you know you a credit card thief and everyday you bragging with the ppl credit .

  5. @met why this girl Bobbette is such a fu..king idiot and her man daffy is just the same???.Robbas you boasting about u spent $100000 on flight and yuh nuh gave a good car and you don’t own a house. You need to invest into a bigger big bed because full size bed is for children. Bobbette clothes don’t fit u.Bobbette you trying so hard for attention but yuh nuh look good. U are digging a big hole for yourself to drop into and daffy is right behind you. For a thief and a scammer you too hype. Bitch u are a parasite. Take independent,and ambitious off yuh status because u can’t be a thief and call yuh self independent because a thief depends and live off other people for survival. And anybody Wey live off another for survival is call a parasite and you not ambitious either you are a red eye ,deceitful, badmind and a ,finger faring thief.go sit yuh dumb ass down and go look a job .yuh use the people them credit card and buy thousands of dollars of liquor for daffy fi sell but becareful mind one of uno of tuh rat out the other on judgment day. I

  6. Look pan Dis illegal clown a round up evidence fi ICE, fool fool bitch.. Wshe no know say whatever she stated on social can be used against her in court? As evidence, a hope she has all of those recipe for the hundreds of thousands she spent and how she earned it. Carry on robbas

  7. She shape like ah rat weh nyaam poison better she did guh ah di ig model Bernice Burgos doctor cause fi har lean up shape meks no sense and daffy need fi do knee surgery what ah man knee dem knock up dem ugly and shape bad alike

  8. Robbas when you put any info on social media you could a private your page fifty times the delete sixy hindred thousands time when the authorities tell zac or whom every build Facebook or IG say leggo.. Memba everything a get exposed so keep on you hear?

  9. our fada, the professor re immigration said Jamaica should prepare for an influx of criminals, u cant teef so a Jamaica,u wil get beating from parade to central police station, what happen quietly a farrin when u teef different things a Jamaica, me see gal get beating a the flea market a Trafalgar rd fi one lipstick all eena dirt dem have har from haggler to the nx for just a lipstick, the system really gave us a long rope to walk and tekk tings and we did hang ourselves, even in Toronto stores bout 8 to ten years start complain of losing too much to shoplifters, naw knock no ones bread but ova and ova and ova and no got papers, whe dem a go do, and Canada a tel ppl to come but …. not us a rass

  10. I see why people wish bad pon dis gal cause she bold an love pop style wid ar boy body smh what a day wen she an bleach out face Daffy meet dem judgment smh people a go laff after unno nobody na go sorry fe unno sad elements smh

  11. I must say she looks nice here, not wishing bad on her but u r going to be the cause of your demise. Granny alway say showoff bring digrace. I’ve watched people floss over the years and they all end up the same way. The wise man build his house upon a rock, the foolishness build his house upon the sand. I can’t forget Flippa and his babymothers

  12. Yes Bobbi but it’s credit card scam right,anyway you should have invested in something useful,like,house and business and stock etc,like how you love party and you “RICH” you should have open a restaurant/lounge/club because you always a show off at the best restaurants and hotels and vacations, Bobbi I know whose name you come up in,but I don’t want to blast the girl name.. you an Batty (daffy)cannot help each other,but the 2 a unno fit each other 2 clown. Go head do your thing,I forgot when dem deport you all the clothes and boots will go with you. Lol.

  13. $100000? Thats it…either you can’t add or those Berkin/Chanel are not real. The math not adding up. Considering you have a luggage bag fi every outfit. Sit down and count and use a calculator this time and tell your haters the real number…lol.

  14. Is Kfab she a follow. 2 weeks ago Kfab was shopping in Balmain and Versace store and she bought the same dress at Balmain, and a pair of Versace shoes and bag. Robert fi easy and lay low like nuff people.

  15. Yow, if da gal ya did even stay good inna di people dem clothes it would not even get on my nerves so much. Balmain, Versace, Gucci, LV, all need to band your ass from wearing their clothes. A you mek clothes look bad and dirty. Please go steal and education. Damn never see come see. Not even rich people do what you are claiming you do 100,000 on flights. Rich clothes in $20.00 clubs. I don’t know you Robert but you and your man need to chill.

  16. she spend hundreds and thousand pon di scamming credit cards.. dont know how feds tek so long fi get these waste bitches…

    1. Feds take at least five years to build their cases. Always remember Feds come in when least expected. Humble calf suck the most milk.

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