10 thoughts on “NOTHING ABOUT HER

  1. FINISH HER!!!! mi nuh play dat suck Yuh madda something deh bakkle to Yuh bloodclaat face all if dat tan up an tell Mi dat to Mi face, is like a badwud weh nuh friendly it get yuh cross all if nothing wah di person say b4 neva steer Yuh. Is a budwud wah we mek Yuh act outta Yuh good good character…I’m tellin u.

  2. Dis is a true scenario as to how some people a yard (de ones dat I know) behave. Dem a come gwaan like you owe dem, and dat you obligated to dem. It’s like a one way street – you must continue giving to dem, but dem nuh have nutten fe give to you. I undastand dat it rough a yaad (dat’s why mi give to dem), but de nasty attitude, anger management issues, demanding and greedy ways wey some a dem have are major turnoffs. For these reasons and more, yu affe park some a dem like how yu park a car, and say to de hell wid dem, I’m done! Real talk.

  3. the sense of entitlement wen nuff a dem have an ungrateful like wah, she a beg credit fi over 8 hrs, bitch that is a full work day, do supm betta wid yuh self, how low a cuss over credit

  4. But she no know wah the youth a do. Man could be at work and caa ansa and this gal weh sit dung naa do nothing waa style him. Instant block and delete

  5. Di yute deal wid har propa :ngakak Dem ole papdung gyal deh fi guh look ah serus hussle and tap tun leech pon people. Can’t stand dem mindset, act like people ah wuk fi dem. Worse when dem see yuh inna yuh clothes, ah dat yuh fi buy dem to.

  6. LAAAAWWWDDDD if people fi talk bout dem bo-weivil it would tek forever dem tan out deh and nyam dung u farm that u never have, I know a man sick the way how him family off Whitehall ave cuss him the doctor tell him don’t open the leters so u can imagine how long dem a cuss him, now him ignore him phone dem call him battyman for him no got no kids him couldn’t tek it no more him shorten him rent and send 200$ to them now he has to be trying to ketch up where him shorten him rent, mi tell him when dem put out u rass dem same one will laff at you

  7. that parasite behaviour apart from the cops have something to do with rae town moving them start rob, and smash people car glass when I was there in june july rae town keep a Sabina park 300$ to go in, and its not as nice as the original, lots a people don’t like it one way in one way out, all when dance a done dem stil a collect

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