Toya mi still a hear your voice . If mi never know there was spiritual wickedness before I know it now. R.I.P my friend. I feel like running into traffic ..God you see and know…
R.I.P Toya..Love you
I dont know what to do God help me .
To the person who just email mi bout secret illness this is one I know everything about so no one can twist anything here. Leave my friend alone

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  1. SIP Toya. I don’t know where to begin to even try to console friends and family members. I know yuh feel it to yuh bone Shani but be strong. This is something that nothing but time will heal. But I will pray for relief for your aching heart. Death is like a disrespect uninvited guest who doesn’t wait for an invitation to stop by.

    :peluk :peluk :sorry :sorry

  2. Met huny…sigh huggs I knew her as well, sweet soul. and yes spritual wickedness in high places…..ahy sah…we jusst haffi fast and pray sweetie hugggs

    1. Dem think dem bigga dan God man HAHA we will hear and see dem carcass ..Kk mi a go lay dung n go pray I am in confused mode mi nuh know whey fi turn

  3. Me blood run cold to met wen me email u that she dead. N me blood still a run cold y Toya.
    God knows best and I don’t want to question God but Toya you will be missed

  4. Bwoy a just wah day mi did a watch har video pon YouTube eno the one weh name you a life. Mi a look pon har and a seh she pretty bad. A swear mi caah badda wid wicked people. God nah sleep doe

  5. I don’t like those words when pertaining to death “Spiritual Wickedness”……my goodness a little boy has lost his Mother and right before Mother’s day. May she now be at peace!

  6. Hi @ MET…I am just checking up on you.You are in my thoughts and my prayers..Try to rest tonight and eat wholesome meals because during times like these we tend to neglect ourselves. The Almighty God is with you always..take care hun. :kiss

      1. @MET…We are all on loan to our loved ones. The sting of death is wicked. Stay STRONG. One thing I know is that when you are too weak to walk and carry on Jesus will pick you up and carry you through the darkness.

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