Letter Of The Day | No Bastard Nuh Deh Again!

Permit me to respond to the unfortunate publication in this forum on July 10, 2018, ‘Gleaner wrong to feature Beenie Man’s babymama’.

While I believe in freedom of expression, I believe it is rude for Lipton Matthews to disparagingly comment on someone’s choice of a partner because both are prominent figures.

The fact that they have chosen each other and have chosen to announce it to the world as a signal of their love is to be lauded. Especially so, in the context of a world filled with hate and the tendency to judge others without taking the log out of one’s eye first.

And by the way, to categorise any child as illegitimate is highly offensive, and we should not attach that label to any child. Don’t forget: “No bastard nuh deh again!” Thanks to the legislation passed by the Michael Manley government.

What message is being sent to the public with this type of publication? What does one wish to achieve? Let us publicise values and attitudes.

I am urging The Gleaner to refrain from publishing such negativity and to use their medium of letters to the editor for positive and intellectual discussions of relevant issues.




  1. bas·tard




    a person born of parents not married to each other.

    synonyms:illegitimate child, child born out of wedlock; More

    1. We no need no rass dictionary!

      Go find out the word fi yu sadomite mumma & puppa since you feel like researching.

      Jesus was a bastard…run and research that too bitch.

  2. What nonsense is this o (inna mi Nigerian voice). Mi clyde a dem now. I saw Krystal’s response and considering everything she seemed to be confused. Krystal, there is nothing special about the situation that you are in my dear. Answer these few questions.
    1. Is she the first Jamaican ‘celebrity’ to be pregnant? No.
    2. Is she the first T.V personality to be pregnant outside of marriage? No 3. Is she the first ‘celebrity’ who has entered a competition, that is pregnant? No, Sara Lawrence was a real, legit beauty and brain.

    4. Is this Beenie’s first child?
    5. Is this going to be Beenie’s first son? Nope
    6. Is this Beenie’s first daughter? Nope
    7. Are you Beenie’s first girlfriend? Nope
    8. Are you his first wife? Nope
    9. Are you the biggest ‘celebrity’ that Beenie has been with? Nope

    Krystal it behooves me how you are empowering/motivating young ladies when your life is the total opposite of what you are trying to portray. Betta yu link wid Spice an unno work out a better plan fi elevate/uplift females cause you both are missing the mark.

    Anyways, carry on with your public display! Only time will tell.

  3. them a lie, he has not being divorce since 2016, I know them personally he was still married up to the start of the year the pregnancy cause him to rush the divorce, because she a public figure and quote and quote never want the shame

  4. I cant understand why she get so much vitriol. I mean Beenie is not everybody cup a tea, but lawd man, if you are not pregnant for him then what business is it of yours? So many of us were born out of wedlock, so many have had children out of wedlock so why is this such an issue? The opinion pieces in the gleaner….the labelling of her unborn etc….its too much. Gtf over it people, she pregnant and we need not care, but the tear down also benefits no one. Valerie Neita mi agree wid u. Further more she dont beg anybody anything fi di baby, if Bennie dont mind it Im sure she wont be asking any of u for anything. Her baby, her relationship (or not). Main point is its not our business, let her live.

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