Me nah lie met this old gal just all up in a the boy thing me really believe now say a u a nuff up yuh self in a the boy never see a b*tch so ups she all up in a all the boy friends too be introducing are self mk cash boss give u the intro man every party u go u go pose up and What him do disappear for a while leave u yuh have yuh


daughter and all r friend u pimping out the girls to all a cash boss friends but yuh f**k u better be careful cuz nuff a dem no wah nobody so unno just ago be the next on the list u no av no chance cuz everybody know a u a nuff up inna the boy from him give u a one buss at first but him never know u would a wah stick so like glue free up di boy him need space u an yuh frenz at party u lef gone itch on the boys like u a First Lady no u f**g not so stop stick and stop push on the little rat dem pan him frenz cuz unno ago get lef know unno space big and look bad u ugly yuh mouth big like all a Miami old gal u no fit the team back up

13 thoughts on “NUH FULL STOP AGEN

  1. Tanya goodie look like a your hole a hold him, gwan good hole tanya they mad at you and your boo…

  2. She & her daughter ******g the same mannnnnnn dem old wore All a dem wey par nuh allllllllllllll she du is walk nakeddddddd fi big 40 it saddddddddd she need fi fix er oring lifeeeeeeee

  3. This sender sound bad mind, a which one a them you did want out a red square tanya u stay hood gal fe 40 a u a take Florida. them nuh hot like u, who them. Bad mind ago kill unuh .

  4. Sender u salty or nah???….big hole gyal mi hope sey u get a check fi watch out ppl life n post up pon pink wall….Muma a your hole say gold n hold!!! Pose up wit ya man yess u making these bum bitches lose sleep. Sender take notes….maybe you will get to enter the link but first lady has the last say so maybe not. Badmind is a hell of a disease!!

  5. Dah sender yah a hide back a pink wall, write your name bitch make we come fe u…..old whore them a beat u bad a Florida a bayyy a Tanya run things unuh never hear bout it sender u want a man out a redsquare

  6. . Cash boss!!!!!!

    Sender talk the things them. So no regular them send in bout Toya n the same cash boss.
    Cash boss no want nobody. Him n that Lil gal toya na left me see them regular but him n this old one party together dwl these people careless. Big up yourself cash boss.

    Sender cash boss has another one not jus them.

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