Hi Met,

I see everybody posting their business…here is mine.

I have a man that was not interested in me at all a true gallis. My mother told me instead of crying over a man that dont want me just tie him like she did hers.

Now I am happy we keep dance and I make him take care of my two boys as their daddy is in jail. Grant it with the tie he use to beat me at first. My mother went and fix that really quick.

God is good as my Don never wanted me, but now he takes care of me ( I notice the money has slowed down … I will touch him again!) Grant it I do sleep with other men as I know in his heart he doesnt want me and he is using me to promote his dance dem.

I created my own promotion called STAR TEAM PROMO!! I use is money to fund everything and pay my family for being at the door etc.

So it is not all bad. I know he doesnt want me and I will leave him sick and with no nature for the next woman …when I done get my promo team up and running! Yes, he gets sick from all the things I gave him but da way how he love me up now, him nuh mine di tie

I dont love him because he dont love me but we make money together and I am a hot girl / promoter in dance now….living my dream!! I am scouting other promoters and sound man to deal with for when his wood dead and money done….I can move on and have another promotion man to help funds me til I can funds myself!

Obeah to di worl! Now mi Don mine me and dont care; he funds me and my family and think he is using someone. He get what he deserve and cant leave me as mi fix him good! Promotional advise: sprinkle and oil up all your flyers and tickets and promotions with crowd oil and money oil – money wi seh! A little love oil and take pictures with your patrons so it can rub off and yuh sell off!

31 thoughts on “OBEAH LAND

  1. Sender you promotion stragedy (don’t correct me) tunn all di way up. But one question, you really expect people fi turn out after tis revelation? Afta me no want you puff me gut.

  2. Met you don’t the sender is trying to expose someone? the sender provided their promotion name which is probably well known out there… Read between the lines.

  3. smdh…wtf is this foolishness. Whoever sen dis een get a virtual box tru mi computer screen kmt

  4. I don’t believe that the person who send this in, is the actually person of this business, just like someone pointed out this sender is trying to expose someone she knows very well, from detail to detail and apparently whatever that person is doing must be working because the sender is exposing it all but the women is wrong for giving her man all that bullsh*t to drink and eat and whatever other stuff her and her mom is doing to tie the man down.. People don’t realize when you start with obeah you have to give something to receive the perks the spirits is giving you so, it’s good right now but you will pay at the end because the obeah doesn’t last forever that’s why you always must go back and keep it going… She is so wrong on so many levels… What goes around comes around my dear, watch for what you ask for…

  5. Ye i feel the sender a expose someone under sykes cuz who wants their brand to associate with OBEAH?? TSK TSK TSK

  6. I was with a man who deep inna Obeah. He loves it! Mi did know from mawing mi shouldn’t talk to him cause mi spirit never tek him. Don’t ignore yuh spirit tek. Anywho, mi sey di man can tell mi conversations weh mi did have and who sey wah. The man leave dead bird by mi vehicle and rotten apple, three to be exact. But mi spirit strong all him sey so tuh. Well mi and him stop talk from two years now. And up to last week mi talk to him and him could tell mi the renovations that were taking place inside my house!!! I was like this negus still have him duppy dem a watch mi??!!! Stay far from Obeah

    1. Them call them seeker my own families them set seeker fi watch out my life to see what me do where me go if anything good a come them stop it Met when I find out I couldn’t believe it what this person said about the man my girl right now as I text this post I have to watch my step even thou the pastor tell me them gone Met how God man people wicked south side people God naw sleep I will make it n me naw send back nothing God ago deal with uno watch cause obeah real n if you live by it u will surely die by it Met after the man of God tell me my cousin gave me a lady number the woman call them name where them go she said a God a keep me cause them a wonder how me nuh death yet me must a get help n the person them go to tell them no a me dead families a fight fi me Me eye full a water me poor grandma can’t rest just because a them

  7. Anybody gi mi a oily flyier inna any party a get one flying kick to dem ankle. Is really wah dis man.

  8. I think that this is a hoax. Sender what did the owner of star team promo do to you? We might love mix up over here, but we do have common sense. Sender you need to be delivered!!Who the hell would send him story how dem tie man? Next time to be more believeable u fi write seh u know one gal dat name star team promo and she tie one man name xyz.

  9. Mooooovvvveee gi mi pass meck mi sprinkle some HOLY WATA pon u wickedness….stop come ova yah wid u lying tongue an a try drop sykes pon ppl u devil worshipper u.

  10. is either:

    1. This person very confident in dem obeah so she don’t mind telling everything cause di tie a work so di man can’t left, or

    2. Some little badmind mate out deh a use sikes fi right out di rightful woman outta her place

    either way the lady for star promo team need to forward ASAP and mek we know a wha gwan pon what a gwan

  11. Bitch I read the mischief and idleness between the lines. Regardless of that, for you to write that dark and twisted truth or untruth or truth mixed up with a bag of lies makes you a sick demented wicked twisted tormented f**g b*tch.

    If it were possible I would send you back up in your mother’s tormented womb where you and Satan can converse and drink tea together…

    Someone said holy water….what is needed here is gasoline and a match…although I don’t even know if that could kill a demon like you.

    Ughhhhhh. No rebirth for you just straigth death.

  12. My mother once told me a story that happened in Jamaica, where a young woman was fed up of her philandering boyfriend. So she went to one of these obeah people. Sure enough, it worked. They married and all appeared well. They tried to have a child, she kept carrying to full term and giving birth to stillborn babies. Eventually, she went back to the obeah person asking for help. And was told that it would cost unbelievable amounts of money because one of her dead relations wanted her babies in spirit and the work would be major. She couldn’t afford it so went to another obeah person and a few more afterwards who told her that it appears that when the original obeah was done, a bad spirit had been unleashed. They all said that the work was beyond their capabilities and she would do well to save her money. She and her husband eventually parted ways as a result of their childlessness. I will never forget my mother telling me this story. But I would never in a billion years resort to such evil.

  13. Wen u tie dem, their and they die before u they teck set! Wen u hear people sleep in red draws or cut off pubic hair is bcuz they know wat they did to the dead man wen he was alive! Some will come back and demand sexual intercourse yup!

  14. I know this woman who been with This guy for 2 years and this mate comes out of no where .. A person who disrespects him, takes his money, chat him business, everything in the book and has him wrapped around her fingers She eventually left him because it was too much to bare .. She lost everything personally and resorted to depression the woman all suicidal. One day shi tell this mada woman she dream egg and lizard and the woman tell her is witchcraft and chaotic disgrace aguh reach her .. I keep telling d her d gal tie di man but she never did a listen .. Suppose u see how d man a gwan now the man was humble now him greedy and hype it’s like a different person .. The man all a push badness it’s like a demon inside of him! I feel it so deeply that this man get obeah !

    My question is met.. Are these things really real? Because a just now that I’m older I’m starting to believe it !
    And if so .. How do a person break a spell like this?

  15. Ignorance
    It can be very dangerous. Someone put a spell on me and I had to go to a Yoruba Priests to remove it . I would never try to hold a man . It’s a better ideas to pray to attract true love. I rest easy because I know I do the right thing. My Orisha comes to bless not cursed . My Orisha comes to bring justice .

  16. It is true obeah do work if you go to the right person but with obeah there are real scarifies you must do and those things can be anything… You do not want to sell your soul and go to cemetery and bury anything with the dead just to tie a man or do anything else, it might work but not for a long time, you would have to repeat or do maybe something even worse… Pray to God and he will answer all your needs, do not resort to obeah it doesn’t last forever…

  17. I never understand tying someone to you, what if better comes along, you have dis tied on person to you. If you try to break di tie di person nuh all goodly kill you. Could never harm myself like dat, cause to me tying someone is self-harm, it may look like you getting what you want, but you locking many doors and opportunities fi dis one person.

  18. I agree you can bring harm to yourself because it disrupts the natural flow of things. It’s also deceptive. The sword weilds both ways. Obeah sound very different than the Yoruba tradition. There’s sacrifice but there was too in the Bible. Look at the book of Leviticus. Look at Abraham and Isaac plus the ram in the bush. Look at Christ.

  19. Sooo blacks aren’t killing one another? Everyday someone is murdered just about. Antioch and Pittsburgh have become the new oakland. For no reason. Talk to me Met. The original Jews were black or am I confusing them with that Moors? Let’s address this.

    1. Remember blood is sacred so if one should kill and the blood splatters and flow certain way you are automatically invoking wrath. Thats why Jews have kosher , they deal with food etc respectfully because it is important. Everyone is black and so were the original jews

      1. Genesis 4

        8 And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.

        9 And the Lord said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?

        10 And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.

        11 And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand;

        12 When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth.

        13 And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

        14 Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.

  20. this is someone putting someone …something went wrong or dem jealous oa de madness aint noway i wud go to this extent to keep a man weh don’t want or want me

  21. Thanks Met. That thing about blood splattering and which direction it goes can incur wrath is some serious consequences. Where did you learn that information? That’s deep. Kosher…All these mass production places that slaughter food and carry it to the grocery store that’s not Kosher, should I be concerned?

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