**Mi tek out the artiste name because is sikes a use, di person a either a try mek trouble or di person go a dem obeah man and dem obeah man tell dem the below…JMG is not obeah capital oo and we nuh figa out obeah puzzle**


mi did a guh kip mi mout but mi haffi talk di tings. Mi folla (Edited) modda pon facebook an dis woman always a talk bout god every odda post a god. an mi a watch har an it bun mi cos mets mi nuh fraid fi chat but mi people dem deal inna obeah bout ten genarations bak. from mi great great great great gran fada and madda come right dung. a dat dem do fi work and get money an dem known fi it. mi deh a mi modda house an who mi see show up wid onada oman nuh (Edited) modda.

met mi almost drop dung a grung. Mi suh frighten mi all tek a picha of her when she did a lef and she nuh even know mi tek di picha. Met di godly oman come a mi modda fi tree tings. she say she waah know who kill har son. den she seh she wah tie har man a man name lenny cos a she a mine di man and she tink seh di man a mine next oman wid har money. suh met (Edited) modda a use (Edited) money a mine (Edited) ooooooo.

if i keel ova an deaaaddd a suh (Edited) money did taall. and den met dis yah one yah u need fi si dung fah. di oman seh di tird ting she wah do she wah kill (Edited) woman. suh mi modda tell har seh she nuh kill people she try bad up mi modda and tell mi har seh she nuffi tell har foolishness she wi pay har any amount o money she want an she drive far fi come see har cos dem tell har seh she a di bes and she know seh mi modda can do someting so (Edited) gyal dead or if she nuh dead mek har criple. Met mi nearly drap a grung.

A weh di gyal do dis oman mek she wah kill har. an wait deh is dis di modda of (Edited) son? met it serious cos(Edited) modda all start bawl when mi modda seh she nuh kill but she will mek har do di girl odda tings. she a bawl seh a dead she want har dead. met all now mi innna shack. mi nuh like (Edited) gyal cos she tink har shit can mek patty daam stuck up b**h. but no amount of stuck up no enuf fi kill summaday ova. mi innna shaaaaaccckkkkk. mi jus reach a florida an a tell one a mi fren an she tell mi fi write an tell u. di oman waaah kill (Edited) gyal.

4 thoughts on “OBEAH SIKES A USE

  1. But wait this is some reason business, sender you need fi tell the gal that the woman want to kill har so she can go and get some protection but pon har so nothing can touch har… This is real serious and if the woman want this girl dead so bad and your mother wouldn’t do it, she will find someone that is willing to do it and spend whatever money to do it… Your mother shouldn’t do nothing for her, nothing that can harm a person… Your mother should use her gift so to speak to help people not to harm people 1st and foremost… The woman who come to your mother is crazy and if she wants to tie the man, then after tying him his not going to step out on her, so she needs to leave the girl alone, it is not the girl fault her man a stray, it’s your man seeking the girl… This is crazy for real, I’ve heard of people crazy but to go that far to wanting someone dead ova a man you have to take care of and tie down it is not worth it… Sender I do not care that you do not like the girl that is fine but tell the girl or warn har something that’s the right thing to do… This is really craziness right here…

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