1. Dat me a seh to Zj Amber weh him disowned, used her to get heavy rotation on air smh and wen baby come him diss her up dat boy octane! Di man seh him neva sleep wid r to backside

  1. Geezam that ain’t the dead stamp of him but more like the Living stamp!!! I’m glad u sey “ppl man” cuz u right not to sey a person since octane a whole heap a ppl man!

  2. We nuh need DNA or maury fi dis ya one. If a jacket Amber u needle skills bad nuh bbc. Octane gad kno bredda a this sweet pickney u a say a nuh fi u? Y when we as man disown pickney dem come look like we?

    1. _____________________________________________________ Whey u seh di machine well string and di bobbin have di same thread ? :hammer.. On a level doe mi wudden want a man come own my child if him did disown it..I really think if u had sex with a woman and she call your name pan a belly even when you doubt dont say anything until after u do the DNA. It is beyond demeaning and disrespectful to disown a child that eventually turns out to be yours.

  3. Him gwine need dat baby girl one of these very days..the stone the builder refuse may God mek her his doctor suh pon him sick bed she look pon him and address him not as dad but Mr.Octane your surgery went will is there any family member ou would like for my staff to contact then neatly walk out

  4. octane a user a suh him use the yute name taj red sq who used to write all him hits for him. dead beat guh play a father role and mi nuh mean send a check, I mean be a daddy who does things with her, some one she can look up to an call daddy in a loving manner. dutty dread, propane mi a go call u from now on.

  5. 1st of all is not amber’s child, this is a different person…mi know dat fi a fact!

    2nd di mother nah look no recognition from nobody n she chose not to have her child all over the blogs, a some ppl weh can’t mind dem own a bizniz tek di girl pic n post up ova yah.

    3rd di ooman seh har pickney well maintained she nuh have noooo problem in that dept. Suh whoever sen this in need fi get a life!

    1. I have no idea who this Sasha person is, but who cares?

      Mi say it already, but mi ago repeat it fi u…whoever tek di girl pic weh she pose off inna wid very well maintained child, need fi get a life!

  6. Pretty little baby. But if man a refuse di child. Tek u pickney and step, you don’t want that kind of hatred and crosses a follow you good good pickney

  7. The girl in the pic name is Jody-Kay I octane been with her she was a teenager (like 14) #fact she’s about 27/28 now
    He’s the love of her life.. She she was in the military n married has another child n was married…. She left d boy n went back to octane….Whole eep more to da story…

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