15 thoughts on “OF ALL DI GYAL DEM

  1. Safaree i know ppl can change but your making the wrong move son 🙁 unless you plan to cash in . I guess Mona Scott behind this TV gig or show but i don’t believe this girl want a family as you plan Safaree run . Praying for the best outcome because this gal have of unclean spirit around her .

  2. I was surprised, when i saw it,
    I know safaree not the settle down type.
    But, what can i do? lol nothing!
    Their life, Their choice!
    That lady erica mena is a No No…
    I have to just shake my head. :bingung :bingung :bingung #SMH!

  3. Nicki really dash away this big cock bwoy to this gyal. I really was hoping that Safaree and Nicki was going to let bygones be bygones and reconcile. But I’m pretty sure safaree never want sex nicki after meek mills. Sigh

  4. Safaree nah learn enuh. SMH, why Safaree stoop to this level? A suh him desperate fi sekkle dung? Mi nuh believe this is a good move. Some of his close friends have been with her. This must be a publicity stunt.

  5. Never she get arrested with another man in ATL wid weed ir whatever couple months back. This damn show is scripted, glad mi stop gi dem my ratings.

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