AN elderly old man who reportedly threw a cup of hot water on his female companion after accusing her of giving him “bun” found himself answering to a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm last week in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.
The accused, 62-year-old Dennis Miller, a mechanic of Washington Gardens in Kingston, was involved in a six-year relationship with the 42-year-old higgler and dressmaker and both shared a home in Nine Miles, Bull Bay, St Thomas at the time of the alleged incident.
It is alleged that on April 22, about 4:30 pm Miller boiled a cup of water and threw it on the complainant who was sitting at the doorway of her home, then ran from the house. The complainant reportedly received burns to her face, stomach, breast, left hand and shoulder and was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital for treatment.
According to the complainant, Miller attacked her after earlier accusing her of being unfaithful to him.
However, on Friday when Miller appeared in court before Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey, he pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and his bail was extended for him to return to court on August 18.
Man reportedly mobbed while dressed as woman
A woman and her two daughters accused of beating their alleged gay relative and biting him on his ear told the court that they never touched him and that he was beaten by a mob after he showed up at nine-night dressed like a woman.
Patricia Bignall, 51-year-old construction worker of Cockburn Pen in Kingston, is accused of using a stone to hit her nephew on his hand while one of her 19-year-old daughters, Carlene Thompson, is accused of holding the complainant’s hand for her sister, Pollyanna Osbourne, to bite the complainant on his ears.
Bignall is also accused of threatening to kill the complainant.
The trio however denied beating the complainant, claiming that he was attacked by a mob of men who saw him in his female attire.
“A him come a de people dem nine night dress up like him a woman,” Bignall said. “A de nine-night me deh when me daughter dem run come tell me say him dress up like woman and dem a beat him.
“My daughters then go up to him and say, ‘yeah man, you seet we tell you fi stop gwaan like girl’, and him say that im ago f… them up,” she added.
Bignall said the complainant then wrongly told the police that they were the ones who had beaten him.
“We didn’t beat him and all him do a dress up like girl. Him a 29 and him put on uniform and gwaan like him a girl,” she said.
She also told the court that the complainant was a troublemaker.
“Up to yesiday dem charge him fi loitering in New Kingston, him lurking, him thief, this bwoy,” Bignall said.
The complainant however maintained that they had beaten him.
“Har daughter dem gang me a Three Miles and bite me behind me ears,” he said.
Bail for the three accused was subsequently extended for them to return to court on August 11 for trial.
According to the complainant in his statement, on June 10 around 11:45 pm he was at a nine-night in the community when his aunt approached him and told him that she heard that he wanted to beat her. The complainant denied the reports and told the aunt that there was nothing on her to beat.
The aunt reportedly got upset and started cursing the complainant who traded words with her, which resulted in her throwing a stone and hitting him on his hands before leaving.
Shortly after, the complainant was reportedly confronted by the sisters and was bitten on his ears by Osbourne after Thompson held his hands behind him.
The matter was reported and Bignall was charged with unlawful wounding and threatening the crown witness while the others were charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.
Homeless man robs another of $1,500
A homeless man who robbed another homeless old man of $1,500 claimed the man owed him for secondhand clothes and refused to give him $50 out of the money that he owed him.
The court heard that the 61-year-old complainant was at Silver Slipper Plaza in Cross Roads in Kingston when the accused, Rodney Fisher, took his money and ran but was chased and held by the police.
When asked by the magistrate why he had taken the man’s money, Fisher said: “That old man, a me maintain him.”
“What you mean by that?” RM Pusey enquired.
“He lives on the street and I live on the street and the clothes that I have that cannot fit, me put it down fi him,” Fisher responded.
Fisher then told the court that he had sold the complainant some clothes and that he was owed a balance of $500. On the day in question he said he asked the complainant to give him $50 out of what he owed him and he refused.
“At the end of the day him could a give me $50 out of what him owe me and I am not working. Oh my God man,” he said.
The magistrate, who had recognised Fisher from previous cases, asked him how many times he had faced the court and he told her that he could not remember.
“You must stop them kind of things,” the magistrate said.
Fisher then told her that he had a drug problem and that he was embarrassed by it and that was why he was living on the street, as his family had rejected him.
“You can’t create the problem and then benefit from it,” Pusey told him before he was fined $5,000. If the fine is not paid, Fisher will serve six months in prison.
Man racks up $13,000 liquor bill and flees
A man who reportedly went to a nightclub in Kingston and drank $13,000 worth of liquor and then ran off without paying the bill was fined $10,000.
The accused, Coy Morgan, was arrested and charged with obtaining goods by false pretence after he went to the nightclub and racked up the bill.
But on Friday, Morgan in his defence told the court that he had paid part of the bill and had given his friend the rest of money to pay but his friend disappeared with the money.
“On the night me and my friend was there I paid my two bills and I said to my friend ‘girls are here and I am going to do some business’, and gave him the money but by the time I came back the bartender told me that the bill was not paid.
Morgan said he tried to contact his friend whom he said had left the club with the money but he did not return.
“Is time you stop run dem sort of stories deh, you and I have long acquaintance,” Pusey told Morgan. The last time you were here what were you here for?” she asked. “Fraud” he replied.
“And before that?” the magistrate also asked. “Accusation of rape,” he said. “All I’m asking for is time to pay back the money,” Morgan then said to the magistrate.
But RM Pusey refused to give him the time and ordered him to pay $10,000 or serve six months in prison. “It’s too late for that now, you should have paid it back from when you finish drinking,” she told him.

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