Met dis little girl weh call her self odelva benz from
fletchers land she say she a di hottest young independent girl, she deh wid the *** man weh name dennis all him do is fk har Inna har batty and f*k har friend dem too them just love the freakyness, it all comes from her mouth met cause she chat plenty, dennis buy a likkle mash up car and fix it up and give her she dont even have her name pinch on the car title so if him wah gwan him can gwan without di car, anyway the other 2 man dem is selector bishop Escobar and tajji the artist, first she tek tajji and him left har and send har to
bishop so now a bishop is har man weh she tek dennis money and give are likkle life young and dirty see she and her girls dem dwl, the blue skirt she wear it Friday and wear it back Sunday, she caaa a f**k gyal, suck hood, tek C**k Inna her batty and still need clothes and shoes and still live Inna flethers land ( it don’t look good

0 thoughts on “OLDEVA PULLOVA

  1. Senda, yu mention 3 different man above. Which one a dem she tek from yu? BTW is the blue skirt her’s or is it yours. The woman don’t buy disposible clothes. Clothes mek fi wear, clean and wear again.

  2. Senda ooo me thinks u send the wrong pichos ooo pls cause this is Olga whey go school wid mi granny n u say “likkle gurl” pls reviews pics n send the right ones tanks a bunch no likkle girl don’t look so nopes Maury that’s a grammy 99.9% sure

    1. Mumma u take di word dem outta mi mout…dwrl @Olga…ask ur granny fi look pon di pic an confirm if a Olga fi real

  3. Lawd somebody can a hate on this old Ooman up top?? A lie after anno April fools. Sender you wicked call this old lady “young girl” look at the big ole man in the bed a dat you jealous of or a the skirt?? Damn get a life man

  4. Sender low the gal alone a Fi har clothes dem she wear dem whenever as Fi the old man she wouldn’t be the first young gal Weh tek old man Fi money as Fi the car so Wat at least she get sumpn outta har f**k unno low the gal bad mind is active a suh nuff a unno dung a jamaica deh siddung an worry bout other ppl business while unno have some hungry belly pikney Fi mine

  5. Unno affi giv har mad props doe when it comes tuh di fashion coordination…white drawers wid white boot an black drawers wid black boot :ngakak. She very consistent wid har man dem doe….cah all three ah dem fava :kacau:

  6. 1st pic..pardon my bluntness on this question, but why is this lil girl taking a selfie pic in bed with her father? Was he reading her a bedtime story or summen? Just looks a bit offish to me, that’s all…

  7. Senda wat away ya look a hype offa d gyal yu nuh hav no bathroom fi clean low d gal man and go look a big man fi buy u a ole car or a ole house at least d gal pussy mek sense cus some a uno a f**k from ppl a hide n f**k and all now uno nuh own a bed out uno f**k dem…..yu need a man weh work pon a site fi wash some big dutty pants weh full a cement and put him steel toe boot fi sun move yu rass it bun mi fi some a uno tiad pussy gal

  8. Wat a way uno nave nothing fi do but sit dwn an mak ppl business be the central point inna uno dutty sad bloodclat life delva tek who u wa bloodclat tek pussy com fi tek man, some a uno bloodclat tek heckle an jeckle an still cah find mr.settle ….me believe inna wen me ago school me tek a school man ,wen me ago church me tek a church man,gal u inna dancehall so tek a bloodclat dancehall man who nuh like it com suck me benz an di ole a di man dem weh u say a fi r….

  9. Odelva is my friend, she too fool fool cause all dennis do is beat har tek back the car key from har, him have har like a him big dog she need to go back to school and stop hype pon land people, cause she just come Inna dis, dennis give every gyal weh him f**k things so if none a dem nuh mek use of it too bad fi dem but odelva fi stop walk and tell people har biniz

  10. Wat is business if u say ya fren u bad mind to nuh bloodclat [email protected] end of di day if u nuh tel dem u bizness dem hook up a story fi try put u dwn same way so y nt tel dem …an as fi di school part me see ppl wid how much degree an still cah get a wuk an di gal yung an happy an ago tru betta dan nuff …some a uno av up uno Education an dnt av shit wa uno fi pray fa a good pussy cos uno wudda betta off ….

  11. Lawd god mi knw her, I don’t no her to talk to but she par with some bunch of lesbian girls, and dem always a put dem mouth together my friend which is her friend tell me she where with tajji and dem stop talk and now she’s with bishop cause him can f**k lol

  12. @unknown we live in the same community she can’t read and write and full a hype when u have just little education u good to go in life yu caaa have good pussy with no brains mi nuh hate pon girl weh get things from man, she love to chat her buissness all when nobody ask her nothing ok

  13. U nasty tanya go find something bloodclat do an com outta ppl business big nasty sad gal ….u all low life underestimated dog jus deh pon di gal so ……me heated nuh bloodclat fi uno only in ja u see these things happen u small minded shit house uno be..

  14. Dat a nuh ur business an frm me ear dis me kno a 1 a di lil dutty germs weh she use to par wid but uno a bloodclat tlk mak sure u av ur education …..cos as far as me see no Successful gal nuh deh a land di ole a uno is a big juma roach …com offa di gal name an gweh

  15. Di senda is someone close to this girl, probably a so-called ‘friend’. Wid frens like unno issi. At least shi get a likkle mash up cyaar outta it, wah you a get fi all wah u a do? Hope u get even pot wata and couple tuff crackas fi buss u gas.

  16. All I know bad mind is active especially Inna dutty fletchers land delva u need to leave may me see wah dem ago do if u do good den talk n if u do bad den talk Jamaicans are bad mind yes the gal repeat her skirt but the two beat den shot one a look a hype off a delta wah betta fan onu n fi see the sender now dwl one can’t STOP delva from shine #sendergunshot

  17. Delva dem a talk abt read and write and the sender can’t spell ur name #sender ODELVA check it grammer sender delete wooiie delta Benz the old car wah Dennis fix up give u a mad dem dem no like see the pretty car a pass by especially wen u a play u music and u TV den wah behind u seat jus a gwan sooh a that den no like Benz den can’t STP u f**k who u wan f**k

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