0 thoughts on “ONE DOWN AND ONE TO GO

  1. She hore down Philly, now she a move to Florida wid man. Fee how yuh ago watch yuh fadda fi yuh madda now. Riri free at last. Lol

  2. Young Miss mek ah ax yuh ah question, or two. Ah wah kinda haste yuh did deh pon fi reach deh or did you stay after di clock strike midnight, unlike Cinderella??? One last comment den mi gaan….whoever glue een yuh hair is ah magician, cah is only magic coulda cause that tall hair fi stick tuh yuh likkle dry head. The word for you is WIG?.:travel

  3. My comment gone from new post suh let mi do it over…I don’t think this young lady left her home like this…U can tell the humidity was up,causing her to sweat and because she probably nuh do the permanent eyebrow like myself but pencil that cause it fi come off quicker.I refuse to believe she left home like this, more time mi come home from a night out clubbing and mi see one eyebrow okay and the other smudge up or plain

  4. She’s a hair dresser and she’s always a f**king mess she find this young boy that don’t know her file in Philly so now him think him have a virgin poor likkle boy pitty him nuh know him a wife a big time whore in the tri state area now she aguh f**k out Florida

  5. Ok. Obviously the eyebrow is just an opening to the story. Unnu skill bad. Eyebrow powder + wax with a flat eyeshadow brush mama , fix it up. Oh gosh the girl accidentally wipe off the brows .

    1. U seet. Story come een bout eyebrow and it tun eena characta analysis. Eyebrow nuh look right, and her hair is laid like wet dog shake demself.

  6. It did rain on the party everyone was wet up but still party same way. she dont stay good none at all but even all the ones who wear a ton a make up did sweat out and wash off. But no lie the paarty sell off!!

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