Met please to come here….. I know what I am about to mention has nuttin to do with the above but….. You mean fi tell me she christ Martin mek Rosie ketch him ??? Ah sah. I want you to investigate this one cause anything u confirm me can put it in mi pocket as u say …. Cause someone told me today that he left Cecile and a Rosie to him ting now … Hmmm And is when since Rosie and tameika ( elephant man manager baby mod da) turn fren ???


  1. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…
    mine unno mek badgal tear out har batty pon insta give unno dis day in nah leff caan leff oooo :tkp

  2. Boy Rosie di mount a man dem pin pon your front is like a train in rush hour mi no believe Christopher Cecile own alone Martin is not interesting in nobody body him n him frien Bolt just fuxx n go through so I hope this is really not true

  3. Chris Martin is not with rosie. Chris par with germaine Mason and usain. Germaine is the main one f**king rosie however the rest of the crew might take a blow job here and there.

    1. You know mi woulda believe yuh though. Chris dont have Rosie money none tall, But why she leave Phillbert though and a talk sey him abuse her

  4. Hold on, while mi know Rosie is messing with someone from Usain Camp because she nuh stop go a him house and parties. Mi strongly doubt a Chris cah Rosie is very high maintenance and she nuh stop post up her daily gifts on Instagram, like har bridget sansals and coil a money.
    But please Rosie memba yuh nah go young forever please take that money and go back to school and open a IRA account please.

  5. But what happen to Germaine Mason cute likkle baby mother? The one who came 2nd when Yendi won Ms Ja World or Universe??

  6. yup mi see rosie wid a next man and she evr over usain house sender its not chris martin nuh fret is nat yurn man is anedda man

  7. Rosie have new money man. They were together at bleu all weekend. But the man only spend till him get them. Right sidoney?

  8. Is a hint sweet suss a try give with the mention of Sidney. My guess is that said man did deh wid a girl name sidoney who perhaps is suppose to be familiar to jmg crew..???

  9. So wahpen 2 d Ada married man shi a fukk?? Di 1 shi a stalk rotfl or met yuh Neva knw bout deh 1 deh. Rosie yuh 2 bad facts not fiction yuh need fi tap nw & settle dung fi gud yah get nuh rass klaat yunger all dear men and met yuh kno mi did use to say ppl fi Lowe ar but u is ntn but a fukka gyal u juss wah si money an gallop

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