tafevia you ah tell people say you nuh switch like people ah fool you and the greenich farm Gyal dem ah sell out unno soul for riches unno licky licky bad you tell Ophie Fi keep round robin cause you love money and don’t care where u get it from you will do Anyting fi riches first u use to walk and f**k like duck now u ah deh wid woman u stop shot mon now ?!! Your pum pum shot mon!You and Ophie ah so call friend and unno par night and day like people ah fool di whole farm talk deh u and sash ah rub gyal crotches nasty f**k out belly gal

0 thoughts on “ONLY BEATING SWITCH

  1. why everyone worrying about who a f**k who??? Worry about unno own pussy that God give unno…’s a shame people spend them life writing bullshit about people when they need to feed unno hingry belly self.,.the people them ain’t begging unno nothing….live unno own life

  2. Anonymous kno wa gwaan, anytime rajeev see ophi a talk to nobody him vex n have attitude dwl, and a post food weh ophi cook dwl rajeev eva hungry n bruk the only way him go out unless somebody a bring him n him kotch pon dem fi liquor, mi nu kno wa him a battyman fa cuz him batty na work, boy still live a portmore wid him mother.. Dem life wa bleach n a dem deh pon ig a throw shade n buss libatty pon ppl.. Dwl..

  3. U see people Luv talk what they don’t know Rajeev facety nuh pussyclathhhhhhhh anytime him go out a him buy him liquor food what ophi cook???? Lmaoooooooo Ophelia mean to Rajeev a him always a spend nuh dem did all over the Plc inna Christmas a wah di cookie crumble

  4. Rajeev renk and bruck pure beg him beg shauna fren dem weh go a the shop.. We see them all ova ina drop top ina Christmas yes but anu rajeev own! rajeev nave nutn fi a battyman. If you a battyman might as well live good an dun him life nu cute fi a battyman.. Batty man mus have things house, car etc Even if a rent ya pay but live pon u own yu can’t a tek h**d ina u behind n still a tek bus not even a cheap car fi move yu roun.. Lol..

  5. Him need fi go get sumn pon him own, if him even a work with shauna go school go get certified then so u can do something on your own.. Jus a f**k n itch up a park plaza a be servant … One time me fren go upa d store n rajeev seh gi me 5 mins me afi bring shana shoes go tip a the shoe maker lol… Them sumn deh a slackness… Anonymous rajeev renk and bruk so go do yu research! Nave nutn bout him as shana clutcha fren dem go d shop him start beg..

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