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  1. Big up all the ladies in dancehall music. Stay strong and keep working pon unnu artistry. Wi want some timeless music from unnu and please get versatile wid di song dem. Tired fi hear bout hot clothes, fight over man and who have di best lady part. Touch on subjects that ppl are going through. Unnu voice bigger than unnu. Don’t forget unnu set trends and can facilitate social change…and check the levels stop worry bout what another artiste is doing and focus on being the best artiste you can be. Show and prove. Let your work speak for itself. Moreover don’t come for another artiste and you can’t back up your argument with evidence or facts. Dat is what we call slander. Spice gave a strong and introspective interview but just wish she had left out the part where she talk bout girl sleep around. Ifrica is the definition of black gold coz she’s conscious and knows her social responsibility as an artiste.

    1. Yes my sentiments exactly she shudnt aired out the girl personal deeds like that, like really Spice who are u to condemn Nadesha’s bed room activities really? LEO smh naaasy Spice smh like u above em.all

  2. Spice another good interview. Is two interviews Starface go on and say the same thing, but you shouldn’t go in on her like that. We all know she deh wid Konsequence who put her on. Stop getting into it with people because it overshadows your talent..

  3. That interview was really good. This Starface chick sounds silly in the sense that she does not want Spice’s help for herself but is upset that Spice does not help others. I highly doubt that she genuinely cares about the “others”. She is just repeating a tale that is told repeatedly about Spice. Now that Spice has responded by bashing her we can look forward to a new feud. Sigh Whelp she can thank Spice because if it wasnt for this whole drama surrounding Spice I wouldnt know who Starface was. Lol

  4. Spice is not my fav however give to ceasor him due. She wukkkk hard fi ar bookings and whilst she is not at the heights over artists are, she is still putting in the work. All I know mix up nuh play fi follow up Spice.

    As fi di “upcoming” artist me wah unuh realize how Winford fix she. Twist ar and mek her true self reveal. Is a handout she a look. Den ago say a nuh fi she but spice can look out for others…. Call it what it is she a look fi ride on someone coat tail and a look a quick buss.

    Star face is a walking contradiction weh need lessons in public speaking and imagery. A spin pon di chair like a Disneyland she deh. Somebody need fi explain poise to ar.

  5. spice presentation is very off, Starface look more refined more star -like than spice. why spice hair look like she took a clown afro wig and blow it out and wear it, why she tink that is a good look. star face needs to work on her craft and her interview skills. spice calling out the girl as an industry groupie was un-necessary, with a person who talk bout also her slut-shaming was uncalled for. as to her celibacy, I think she waan the bwoy hear she a talk bout she nah do nothing so him can come back cuz she nah run it a road, the boy still nah look

  6. Starface need to go sit the f**k down look how Yuh mek spice dunn Yuh true Yuh nuff , him your not the one needing the help whyyyy o whyyy would you put yourself in this position to be disrespected . goshh . you didn’t get this far my your self your f**g a top deejay that put you on so you need to chill . still thank spice for putting you out there . even if it was not what you wanted to hear . cause no one knew you . sad bitch

  7. Yow talk truth man cause spice no Sey ntn wrong she said it as she know it and if ur a person who’s on the dancehall scene u would know that’s all nadesha is, a sleep around to get a thing etc. Nadesha is no talented artist she doesn’t even have a hit song all she has is ig followers and a little ig hype and a f**k a man that has money to get her few interview and who has a studio that’s it…. nadesha is wack as f**k she’s over doing herself and she shouldn’t have said that about spice in the first place…. nadesha can’t even speak a good sentence lol gal chat bad yah, same way she talk ghetto that’s how she does her interviews and how she dj or what eva she think she doing… after the disgrace from sting I thought she would have get her act together but she’s worse… girl go take several seats and leave other artist name out ur mouth u run go diss all cecile on ig u should a shame of ur self cause u cant hold konsequence boss him a go round and breed other women and u still each up doing him works cause if him leave u, u will be back on the dance floor … the time u take a tell cecile baby nah hold man u would go check yourself cause u can’t breed and u dont have nothing to fall back on and u up in a age and the man nah stay…

  8. I didn’t know that if someone ask you a question you cant talk how you honestly feel. Starface was asked and she say she don’t think Spice support females. Thats her opinion why kill her for it.

    She never ask for Spice help or ask her to put her on any show. This is being taken way too far, as a leader of the pack Spice not playing a good role. Simple!

  9. Good Evening Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    I just hate how she carry herself,the hair dont fit her at all and she needs to wear the colors on her body and not her hair to show off her skin tone eve more,white,yellows,orange,purples,cream and so forth even baby pink with that said she stay eating food. as for that girl in the red she need fi stop spin the chair and talk wid phuck sense kmft.

    Queen Ifrica looks great

    (Simplicity Soon Sign In)

  10. I really can’t understand why nadesha felt the need to go on an interview to talk about another dancehall female like yourself who’s not afraid to slam her up if it came to that which it really did. All you should’ve done was talk about your dam self what your hoping to bring to the table and when your planning to drop a new album. And the reason why the public should go buy it are even listen to it , those are the things you should’ve said. Your a little too bad your not promoting music your promoting badness . kmt f**ng fool . your a waste of time go find a job and leave spice alone .

    1. She was asked a question and responded…mi nuh listen to it but as far as di people dem seh a question she ansa..Spice is who agen??????????????????????????????????? :travel

    1. By all right a so she fi done dem cause she nah seh nothing wrong..Spice figet a so she used to watch lady saw career to

  11. The young lady state her opinion .. Now spice come a discriminate like she was just not discriminated against ….wid dat de nomad wig mi jus nuh know who she Fi all se Di girl nuh have nuh talent … Everybody haffi learn an grow and every Jamaican a entertainer ….so y scorn dem ? On a different note SFP really behave like shi up de a Di concert mi Neva expect it

  12. Spice need fi leave the girl alone and chat bout Prgirl angel and Nicolas(spice baby Father).

    How you find try style di girl and you no betta…..

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