Mix up met tensha come on nw how u just have baby just one and breed again fi Nxt man f**k too much different man a party but true u bbyfada never want u yu go breed fi nxt man gal


5 thoughts on “ONTUDDY NEX ONE

  1. Is who a di first baby fada so much name calling this girl is a silent slut she f**k every man inna dancehall and she f**k all the hustlers smh…

  2. Di girl a use di pussy whey God give R, shi naw borrow nuhbody own. Shi a breed again fi one different man? So f**** what? shi a nuh di first nor di worst. Tanny gwaan live u life yaw mum. God give u pussy fi tek man an bumboclaat bring life.

  3. Over ere this is as be the jealous muthaf**ker dame she piss u off that bad bitch don’t bout who she f**k and how much she ducking are f**in urs so take a seat bitch u mad cause he can’t breed you find a life this old boo ……if u want find something better to hate on cause ur story is a f**in book bitch lets go CAUSE IM F**IN READY BITCH AND YOU MAD BITCH UR STORY SAD THATS ALL U FIND SWEETIE DAME IM SRRY TRYIN YUH SHHSTUPID

  4. Putting this up shows how PUSSY u are! You wanna say something say it when the opportunity presents it self! So f***g wat.. people outta road have way worse nasty , disgusting and disgraceful secrects. You don’t wan me dig for your secrects.. Not to mention the f***g regular dem at the abortion clinic.. or the one Dem that bring the baby and don’t even wHan look after it!! WHY u neva post nothing on him.. if he was happy he wouldn’t looking around for nobody else..only Coward dogs post shit like this.. so your pussyhole blessed and sacred.. kmt.. Bitch move!! Post ur bank account and last grade level!!! and lemme understand wAt type of individual I’m looking at..

  5. I can see this is clearly someone or something that’s hating on this girl . What? you guys are mad that unnu caan breed?. Or let me say no one wants to breed unnu . Get a f**g life . You lame bitches . This girl looks very sexy . Any man woulda want breed her . Unlike Unno truck looking Gyal wey nuh man no want . Stop posting people up and post unuh sad like .Because baby is a blessing and nuff a unnu can’t walk pass cemetery .

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