Please post this for me, so I booked this girl on styleseat from Orlando couple days ago for a hair appointment, in order to book the appointment it requires my credit card; however I reserved the appointment and before my appointment she informed me that she only takes cash and she doesn’t get paid through styleseat. She doesn’t have a salon she’s mobile, I only used her because I needed and emergency hair do.Her name is Michette Brown. I paid this girl cash for service and checked the same day after my appointment that she still charged my card including a $17.00 tip on top of that, I contacted her she and she said that she didn’t charge me and I should delete my info from styleseat “very shady” so I said I can’t because I have other appointments with my original stylist that requires my card. She said she will contact styleseat to refund my money,long story short I call up my bank and styleseatbon refunded the tip amount that she automatically added and still didn’t refund the money that I originally paid her in cash. I have been using styleseat and never encountered this SCAM issue. I checked her website today and someone left a review 2 days ago that she charged their card 3 times and had no contact with them. This is something that she has been practicing like she get paid in cash and make it seems like she didn’t get paid for service and still doing double charge. She mess with the wrong one because I have FBI on the case. People in Orlando beware and this her Facebook page .

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  1. FBI ? Lol girl girl File a card claim !! You’ll take things to far you really send that in before you file a claim . FBI a hunt trump stop using resources for foolishness

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