Dutty stinking pocca u suppose to feel so mad and angry right now due to how patrice and javed fix back things. Yes hoe by summer javed will be in California with his wife. And fi unu d termite dem over pinkwall unu need fi go look a job and leave dem ppl alone and watch fi unu business weh a spoil. Gwaan thru ya pat with u hubby on Valentine day

8 thoughts on “OVA JAVED AGEN

  1. God Know…
    I wouldn’t want him back. Exactly! @ spoon. He will do the same thing. We as women need to know our values and don’t let men treat us this way. What example is she setting for her kids?

  2. LOL After Valentines Day I knew Patrice was going to be up in her feelings :thumbup
    Listen to mi people no matter how Patrice a gwaan like she happy SHE A DEAD INSIDE. The bitch miserable and unhappy yuh fret! Patrice can barely sleep at nights to how she stressed out. And the wickedest thing is that Pocca nah pay her no mind! All she want Pocca to do is engage in arguments with her and pocca continues to pay her DUST! Come on Patrice you too sad fi a young girl!

  3. NO Pat! u really send fi wi ova ya? U nuh know HeavyD ago run come tail wagging? U n u wat lef cocky nuh frighten none a we round here so when u a send come call we come wid supn substantial bcuz mi think a did supn gwaan fi u. Nuh dweet man

  4. Patrice need a gal fi put some good licks pon her. Wait man, it’s coming, her fire soon cool mek she stay deh.

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