16 thoughts on “OWNER BOSS ENGLAND

  1. Bwoy! Why the hell did I click on this foolishness when I should be working? I’m telling you some of my own people make me really ashamed of my race.

  2. Ppl really gone madd Fi go pawty just Fi go wet up ppl place… What di hell is the significance wid dis damn champagne shower shit? Kmt mi naw watch dis now mi have other posts tuh visit.

  3. Me like it those look like real men . Jay icon take notes see champion dey no moscato or ice bucket bath . Like me say the man them strong and look good love the show thanks Met .

  4. I hope you are not a (short term Boss), with that being said, these Men look good. They r well groomed and nicely dressed, dem look like man. I’m not into the champagne baths, I’d much rather drink it but is not me buy it so my opinion don’t count

  5. Party boring bad. Only thing I can say is the Jamaican men in England look much better than the bleach out, underweight Jamaican men in America.

  6. Boring party, men look good though. The guy with the two benz key rings on him glasses smh…I bet the heaviest man in there out a the lime light #carry on as ME A ME say

  7. And the party did nice. Show time crew look nice and clean the white man is not a police he was drunk and enjoying himself. This ah England we nuh watch skin colour. Unless yuh bleach lol

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