0 thoughts on “P OR F?

  1. Yakini looks nice, I like the dress but that hairstyle is a boo boo with the dress a short hair would’ve done it better justice

  2. Mi bombo a dem dress ya start wear back r a scamini a give we a 70s throwback??? I will say ok fi di dress if is a 70s themed party but u see fi di wig mi waaa shoot it offa har head one shot SPWINGGGGG

  3. Scamini come in like a SNAKE——what happen she don’t sweat. The same kinda stretch latex material all the time…long sleeve high neck tall dress.

  4. @ anonymous agree, with you! Mi wa ask u sinting Yak yak u don’t wear sleeve less? U change quick outa di blk leather outfit. Nay for me all wen she reaches home she must sweat from head to toe with all the tights a duck tape to remove. U know I think u have bat wings arms like Joan rivers at least Joan admit she has bat wings u need to do the same. Mrs man royal.

  5. Fram dog leash gone she’s looking sooo much better keep up the di stress free attitude gurl it fit yuh!!!!

  6. Bwoy she fail pon da one yah. The karate show hair style mi nuh dig it . The top of the drees ok the bottom not for her. Nay.

  7. She look like a trans gender but the dress and the color is nice.poor scammi u need to give yr body a break.your face look old and tired now.stay home with your kids.so met what happen to sir leash he fell off planet earth lol thats the best thing he could have done run away fr scammi

  8. Duh yuh thing girl you’re not here to change di world I don’t see anything wrong with her! boi Jamaican ppl is very hard to live aroun ewww!!!!!

  9. I would wear that dress , and the colour brings it off quite well. personally , I don’t see a thing wrong with her, at least it sit down on her proper, unlike some that I have seen on here previously.

  10. This dress is stage WRONG. In person it looked like Christmas Tree Gift Wrapper. Very very ugly dress in person.

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