0 thoughts on “PAMPUTA—- NO PRABLEM

  1. mi like pampy shi is a good looking girl but please no ask mi bout di brown boots weh a falla ar everywhere shi go

  2. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    pampi yuh knw how wi feels about yuh on here wid dat sed “YUH DOAH LUK GUD”

    mi nuh knw if a de breed weh yuh guh breed fe de ppl dem man mek pop dung a haunt nd taunt yuh but de song nah mek it,
    de lipstick nah cut it and de boot a waan dash it,dis low a$$ budget vid wid dese beat out looking ooman nd all,wen yah guh start sing new tings a phuck alone yuh know fe phuck ..kmft

  3. I need a record deal for real, tired a listening to dis f&@kery . She have a problem har weight she soon diabetic if not already, dat outfit on her body type PROBLEM SHE INDENIAL LOL

  4. Me luv har voice god knows I do, but me couldn’t listen to di whole a di song it get to me, some baddy press MUTE please!!! Me wah fight de black panta outfit, di glasses and di wrap pan har head and me wah beat off di blue lip stick wid di ugly looking boot wah she love so much.

  5. Mi like it. Mi like it. Lol. Reminds me of some a dem old Beenie Man videos. Girls dem really a dance an yuh can see wha dem a do. No dizzy dizzy video taping. Lol. Mi luv it. Nice song. Very catchy. Mi a sing it ina mi head right now an mi go download it pon Youtube and convert it to Mp3 right noww. Rayyyyyy Pamputae. Lol. Unu loww Pampy boots a nuh. Ooohh. Cho. Dwlllll

  6. fi tun back way she nuh have a problem. but it look like she cah tun back way nor 6:30 cus if mi like she mi woulda show off my skills as thick gal.

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