11 thoughts on “PAMPUTAE NEW SONG

  1. This sounds better than Disgrace colorism, this is a more serious issue, real life struggle of the single mothers big shout out to Pamputae for this, solid stuff

  2. I love de new route wey Pamputtae dey pon. She a sing bout de facts of life. Proud fe see her own 2 children sitting on the big rock with her, and she have the support of Stacious, D’Angel, and a “kartel lookalike” inna de video. Da song ya a reality!!!! Mi like it, cause de words and de video makes sense. Big up yuself Pamputtae!!! Job well done!!!!

  3. Big up Pamputtae aka Buju Fabulous all the time! Don’t care what a soul want to say this woman has grown into herself!!! So people fi elevate inna life.

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