1. Jus str88 up TACKY!!!! any bitch weh feel like she can tek weh my man can have his tired assss cause I will **NEVER** play 2nd best to no bittch….and that man ain’t much of a man anyways suh abaaayyyyeeee fe di 2 ah dem :kiss…HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!! :selamat :peluk

  2. Dem mate yah soo fool fool. Some time Wifey no mind unuh ina di sauce and cah ketchup. Wi ole wah ah break sometime. And 9 times outa 10 wi no wah di man no more is the money and security why wi tarrie. Mi stop sleep wid my husband 2 yrs before mi lef and mi and him live ina di same house and him claim seh him a cheat and mi no kno .lol. It was called planning and execute. Mi neva did a bite off mi nose fi spite mi face. All now him cah get ova di afta shock seh mi nah come back and all a him pebbles dem cah tunn big stone yet. So Pampu no Tae need fi go lock har bank book and a betta career cause gal like she come a dime a dozen. Afta di man cum and reality bite im rass him wah beat himself and di mate fi such a tragedy. You eva notice how di mate dem claim seh dem so happy afta dem get doi man dem. If dem so happy why drop words pon Wifey or even meck she feel like she will always be a threat in ur faitrytale? Pure lies cause they will never be happy. di man wife plus odda gal gi dem nightmares. Be a good mate and teck you money and f&&k and shut you mouth. A unuh meck di man dem no respect or wah unuh.

    1. den fe know str88888888 up ah dung….as mi seh, wedda mi ah wife, wifey or girlfriend….I NAAAAAAHHHH play 2nd best to NUH gal, furda more mek NUH bwoy diss mi dem way deh….ladies, know your self worth…and I don’t mean money. The only competition I have is me, myself and I….a better me, all day everyday!!! :kiss :maho

    2. POW POW but ah coulda wahappn to Pampy! Har conscience ah badda har…ah people hussy she ketch pickney from

  3. now you tell me……….which man inna dem RIGHT mind want pamptutae???? look how she fava baby buffalo …a money or spotlight de bway a seek smfh she delusional if she think he will be there this time next year

  4. De part a de song wey mek mi say hmmmm a de part wey say “lock, lock, lock like prison cell, like de cell wey dem hold Kartel”

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