**Is who guh ina Paris is a my question?**
No man why is Paris Paradise making video about things that are not right and her house look like the aftermath of hurricane sandy. She need to come of FB and stop cuss over man who don’t want her and use some time and elbow grease clean this hot mess of an apartment.

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  1. So wait….is who go ina Paris apt…Dwlll. But it sound like is di person one in there. Cause is not a mansion so she wudda see if someone just a walk from room to room wid dem phone. Cell phone a tell uuuuuuuu. Hush Paris. Pls call Molly Maid…..ASAP

  2. I don’t think the person realize seh the phone did ah record..maybe them neva sen pay the current bill and was trying to use them phone light to find them way around the junk yard.

    1. That is why Im waiting to hear who went in her house etc. Because she a cuss pan facebook everyday bout di man and di woman that dont give anyone the right to enter her home. Dem know Paris head not right so why this?

  3. PaRis Paradise
    1 hr · Edited ·
    Mi Jus See Di Video How Mi Dutty Babyfader An Him Dutty Gyal Tony Matterhorn weh pay him fi Bruck Inna Mi Apartment an ramstack it an video it jus fi mi look bad an bring mi dung an dem clean it up afta dem all tek out mi trash an trow it pon di ground this proves seh people will do anyting to bring mi dung but who God bless no man curse dem can’t stop mi I am a bless child only god see an no..mi a live mi good good life web god give mi fi live..I no badmind people want it fi dem way but father god run my life not man…dem a look a hype poor ting dem.

    1. If dem go ina di house go video it like that anything a anything..they went to see a mess a dat dem go dere fah but it is full time Paris stop now and dont acknowledge them..di bwaay was married …di wife cuss him gone she fi thank God and dont even se a word to him. Since the girl think that she she is the better and the man is the best thing that happen to she leave them be and gwaan. Whoever went into the house must get lock up for trespassing

      1. Dat mi seh to press charges, but I guess she might feel away cause ppl might a think a suh she live fi true if it is sooooo.

      2. Listen nobody never Bruck Ina Paris house Paris let the man in the house an when she leff fi go work him video it Paris is just nasty first it’s not fi har house cause she live a BX now all of a sudden the girl pay the man to Bruck in kmt Lmfaoooo what Eva Is wah yuh friend dem tell yuh fi own D Dutty apartment Dwl She can’t lock up who she let in

      3. Dats why mi say ppl nuh easy a nuh. When mi watch di video mi say no matter how dirty someone place is….dis place look like an abandoned place. Not where someone is currently living. It look suspect to me too. So like you Shani……I’m waiting. The purpose of that person in that house was to do exactly what they did. U nuh see say dem nuh waste no time. But if someone else has this video on their cell phone, they can click on the video, click on options and go into details. They will see the original date and time it was recorded. The info usually comes in numbers, with the date first then the vid number….Eg….if the video is the 25th video in ur phone and it was recorded on January first 2025… would say something like 20250101_25…..The date then the vid number. At least that’s the way my media is set up in my phone. Maybe this can shed some light on who did it.

  4. Listen nobody never Bruck Ina Paris house Paris let the man in the house an when she leff fi go work him video it Paris is just nasty first it’s not fi har house cause she live a BX now all of a sudden the girl pay the man to Bruck in kmt Lmfaoooo what Eva Is wah yuh friend dem tell yuh fi own D Dutty apartment Dwl

  5. Met so di camera person carry 50 dutty foot Pitney go bath inna Paris bath tub or carry dirt go throw in there just fi video it.. No man Met Paris house was dirty that’s why the smaddy video it.

  6. True story Met! A full time Sabrina leave dem and stop give dem knowings. yes yu hurt but memba sey yu tek him from him wife same way yu get him a same way yu a go loose him y some ppl feel sey dem exempt from things when a so dem same one get wha dem did have??? Second thing, y dat bwoy still have key fi yu place Sabrina? So they could have broke in, my girl change yu locks and lock yu windows when yu a leave cause yu know sey yu is a target now. Carry di video go station. This a get too loose and it speaks major volume about this big front man cause if a man will do that to a woman him have two kids with wha him will do to the new woman if dem eva part!! Mi nuh rate dem dey type a man!! Big big pumpum man dat!

  7. Yes Met I agree with you on this a full time now Sabrina stop give them knowingz pon facebook. But it baffles me still cause Sabrina y you feel sey him wouldn’t do you like how him use you fi do him wife, same way yu get him a di same way yu a go loose him. Y some a we think and feel sey we exempt from certain things when a di same thing we did to get what what we have? What goes around comes right back around just time.
    Second thing, Sabrina y yu nasty babyfathet still have a key fi yu place? Yu fi change yu locks my girl and lock yu windows when yu leaving yu place since yu know sey you are now a target we a yardie we lock we place when we a leave out. Lastly this man frame is a piece a class act, which man would allow him new woman fi post up a video a him kids dem mother place where him kids dem stay where him use to be every night one time? Mi nuh like fool fool woman cause again if him can do this and allow it fi gwaan and knowing sey it a show up the mother of his kid and himself what will he not do??? Mi woulda fraid fi sey me & him dey cause him heartless towards woman memba but wait what a day if him & di new woman leff da movie dey mi waan front seat to & I hope it will be showing in 3D quality!

  8. Dis gal is a f**kn liad….nasty f**ker… Met even if somebody guh in a har house guh trash it so wat about di dutty bathroom and dutty toilet??? Met mi kno yu feel bad fi har but nuh badda pretty it up, di gal is f**kn nasty ..mi cud a see wid har if a di clothes dem alone dem throw dung pon di grung but di 2 most important place in a yu house weh MUST always keep clean is yu bathroom and yu kitchen,from dem two deh dutty dat mean yu dam nasty, nuh wonda dem man always a left dem…and a dem same one always a talk bout other people, gal house fi keep clean all di time…if yu neva nasty dem wudnt video tape yu dutty house

  9. Ppl ah two different man. King father was married and gone back to him wife. Royal dutty pupa ah different man. Ah him she seh video her house. On a serious note mental illness is no joke and Paris family need to get her some help. She’s clearly crying out for help, only a crazy person would live like this.

  10. Oh ok . I thought the kids had the same father . The kitchen and bathroom really look dirty fe true .

  11. Mi figure this gal house did dutty r she don’t have a job cause how n when she find time fi mek so much video ole wuk liss cut lass!

  12. den a di intruder carry dem heap a barrel deh fi mek di flim to. in deh look like wen somaddy get evicted and a plan fi move any minute

  13. she is VERY dunce and old……from u hear who she talk u kno she cant too read good… poor ting her….de baby daddy n de new woman have her meds a way…IT SAD n she too fool fi realize how pitiful she sound . PARIS PREPS GO PICK UP A BOOK and tap breed n war ppl

  14. Met how u mean Sabrina nuh reach 30 and she did deh wod booka back when? Me nah watch no more of her video but da gyal a veteran in life and she Lille bit cray me ongle want har go get some help

  15. Sabrina is way past 30. Her sister Sandy is about 39 years old. So she’s about 2-4 years younger than Sandy. I feel sorry for her.But that place really look so dirty. If someone just go in her place and dash garbage fi spite just for the sake to record it. It wouldn’t look so nasty. But the whole place looks heavy and the kitchen and bathroom is so nasty.
    Or the landlord must of recorded it to show how she left the place so dirty. Or they planning to call ACS to take her kids away.

  16. wat a piece of nastiness! it look like she mad fi true………if anybody believe that story about someone just come in and do her place like this need fi wear glass……..or dem house stay nasty like that. She must of done something too………..there’s always 3 sides of the story…………It just madding her that she is suppose to be this dancehall icon and these men don’t stay with her………….All those videos she make are about her…….some ppl who do this reflect on their own situations……….and every bit of those videos are about her…………This video they posted will shame her so bad that she will never keep her place dirty like that again……………..So the new place in the bronx is a fresh clean start for her………..that’s how sabrina stay…everybody down to her mother badmind her….she stay very bad too……….she always says everyone bad mind her……for those beautiful kids sake………may God step in and give her a clear mind…….why her family is not helping her???? she is clering displaying symptoms of someone who is not menatlly well. Its not funny but she has always been like this……she’s beautiful, but man cant deal with a dirty home or a mad gal……….she was not taught how to keep a home clean…….

  17. I know her well she is always never clean b4 she had those kids and she still not clean she even use to even wear dutty draws n she is 36

  18. In a video she posted she said she was in the process of bullsh*t ..where’s the boxes??why is the bathtub black.. I’ve had a dirty friend whos house always dirty like this ppl like this are either duty..have some sort of mental illness or depressed to the point that they don’t care..take a night off of the dancehall and get the cleaning this looks like an episode of hoarders ..probably a dead puss in there somewhere I can only imagine how stink her house is…NASTY!!!!!

  19. The first kid dad nuh gone back to no wife he’s on the run with another just had another baby born as well…

  20. I met this physco 5 yrs ago….I interduce her to baby daddy she used to mine him f**k next man fi give him money..she was living in a room back then plus she eat pussy to she

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