Paris finally show the sugardaddy well kudos to her he help her get her daughter here and he taking care of her from the looks of her ig hope she keeps him and stop escorting for good and focus on him and her daughter because he help get her daughter with her and she playing the housewife role really well




  1. Then is who’s grandfather that?????????? Mi CAAAAA badda eno ano everything u haffi show n tell ppl Paris somethings are best kept to u self

  2. Met listen to me!!! if is not Paris or her friends them send this in I change my name to His Wife!! It’s been weeks I see Paris be reaching to be recognized so she can get another 10 mins of fame…. I swear these hoes use pink wall to validate their miserable existence… So since you want to be seen I have been watching you make a fool of yourself… this is what I observed.

    1. You’re a very fake lady… you in America for the most a year and you just drop your true true good accent to sound like a mosquito voicing a song in a studio?

    2. She claims not to be engaged but married to a doctor.

    3. She has posted this old man many times hoping one of the metters would screen shot and post it but it did not work #sweetme

    4. Why him look so? His clothes always look 2 sizes bigger… he basically looks unkempt…

    5.she got upgraded to a Benz

    6. Still a hoe cuz fi a house wife some things she post with her in her underwear etc… you just know the old man is a fool… couldn’t try that with a Jamaican man…

    Anyway I see em Met…. all Sanchia with her ugly looking mouth…. one piece a twanging and talking bout Bae this and bae that…. I swear she and Paris a throw words at each other…. the two a them just sick annoying and weird looking…. but hey there you go Paris, here is your 10 mins use it wisely…

  3. Congrats paris mi fren all d years of escorting and sucking females really paid off. Mi naaah lie mi glad fi yuh daughter bad bad.
    Ano lickle work u work dat pussy fi reach dere as no likkle man yuh tek but it paid off cos u finally get a green card

  4. All the whore dem a get married to old dirty white man Paris, Lauren, fara and the list goes on . What unno affi do fi Mek them man deh happy unno stomach strong bad and a gyal like unno richieann a look up to.

  5. every whore to a ugly old white man money haffi mek. the white man dem start deh wid black gal only when them get old because less judgements from society so they deh wid black gal its rare a young handsome rich white guy deh wid black gal is always some old man ages 40 to 80 deh wid black gal . paris a look attention because she post him face pic about a month ago and nobody send it in and she delete it pon ig and she start it up again

  6. Lol woiiii I say I been watching her yuh see. But mi nah lie. Mi happy for her met. Because that a one a di biggest cockiest whore born a Jamaica. But she don’t just fu*k for nothing. She put the money them to use. Because is 2 or 3 business she try before them fail. And she been thru 4 car. But the biggest problem I had with her was the fact that she leave that little girl with everyone. Men , women or dog. And whenever she return that little girl never miss her yet r want go with her. This is Paris 4th engagement to some form a sugar daddy she meet and it’s the first one finally married her. She deserve it man. That puss*y needs a break. She only deh with them for money thou because it’s girls she prefer . Mi glad she finally bring up the little girl man. I think Paris biggest problem is she post everything on Social media. And the so call gal them like bobby that she thinks is her friend done her behind her back than anybody. But has mi say and will always say she’s a hoe but she’s a smart hoe. The poor pus*y suppose to tore up now but at least it can bring easier now because it has reacheth. And p.s Paris stop act like ur spiritual and godly when u fu*k gal and sell crotch . Ur being a hypocrite if u r so godly then do what’s righ in gods eyes and ur child’s beause God see and now she sees u change these men like u change ur underwear and that will live a big impact on her in the future.

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